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The culture cure: how prescription art is lifting people out of depression

Then the Kulturvitaminer (culture vitamins) programme came along, offering Thrysøe and other unemployed people in Aalborg with stress, anxiety or …Read more

The culture cure how prescription art is lifting people out of depression

Exposed to culture Jonas Thryse and Evy Mortensen with course leader Mikael Odder Nielsen right Photograph Kristian FsteThe Guardian In a whitewashed studio in northern Denmark 11 unemployed strangers are embarking on a hearty rendition of Yellow
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Ketamine Could Be the Key to Reversing Americas Rising Suicide Rate

He started doing research and came upon a Columbia University study of a pharmaceutical treatment for severe depression take weeks to lift his mood if they work at all A ketamine clinic can be the way out of this scenariofor people with access
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How close is a cure for baldness

Finasteride often referred to by its brand name Propecia and Minoxidil aka RegaineRogaine are both available via online prescription in the UK Then there are a surprising number of people who call out baldie in the street or equate
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Cannabis May Not Be a Miracle Cure But This is What it Can Do

CANNABIS CULTURE One of the most common questions people ask is can put the body out of balance and cause other complexities meaning an even greater number of pills have to be taken Before long the cure starts to become the poison
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Why brain science wont cure poverty

Recently Ive seen news reports with headlines like this one Can Brain Science Help Lift People Out Of Poverty ve seen recently that is looking at brain science as a way to cure poverty The enchantment with neuroscience to explain social
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Can Reading Make You Happier

Several years ago I was given as a gift a remote session with a bibliotherapist at the London headquarters of the School of Life which offers innovative courses to help people art too Years later Elderkin gave Berthoudwho wanted to figure out
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