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The Culture Communique Newsletter

We spend months putting together WalkingTown DC, Cultural Tourism DC's celebration of the District of Columbia, this year from September 14 …Read more

Chin Communications Co-Organises the Most Influential Australia-China Trade Expo

This grand event has far-reaching influence on the development of economic and trade relationsChin Communications a multi-awarded language and intercultural communication services specialist
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6 signs the CIO-CISO relationship is broken and how to fix it

Sign up for CSO newsletters It gave us common terminology and says it was important to get out in front of the communication breakdown between himself and the CISO because he views the relationship as a crucial partnership for enterprise success
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Stacy Cornay Brand journalism more than just a good story

Stories provide a vital way to share history culture and news The key is to remember this type of communication will be specific to your business Beginning with blogs andor digital newsletters is common Specific sites within your website may
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Uzbekistan A second coming for the Russian language

A few weeks ago a group of Uzbek artists and intellectuals caused a major stir by urging a reversal of that decision and to revive the status of Russian as a language of inter-ethnic communication just to the great culture of multiethnic
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Woodbridge Resident Earns PhD From Howard University

Ashla Hill Roseboro a Woodbridge resident received her PhD in May 2019 in Communication Culture and Media Studies on our social pages and in our daily newsletters To promote your local
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The Family Brain Games cast the families in Dara Briains quiz show and what time its on BBC Two

He writes a weekly maths newsletter which has up to 3000 subscribers including Countdowns Rachel Riley Johnny Ball and The Proclaimers Elaine is a bona fide maths groupie and teaches deaf
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