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The Creators of Netflix's Dark on Why Writing Time-Travel Stories Is Like Playing Jazz

Time travel seems to be popping up everywhere in the culture these days — this year alone, both the Avengers and the crew from Star Trek: Discovery …Read more

Russian Doll Bosses on How That Haunting Finale Sets Up Season 2 and Beyond

The result of Russian Dolls all-female writing and directing team was that the co-creators were able to write their own experiences into the story and work among a as much as it deals with time and time travel the deeper and deeper into trauma
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Pete Holmes on navigating pop culture post-Weinstein

Its nice to kind of be able to time travel phone and be like So whats going on in your life How are you Anything major going on Any stories from the set I feel bad for actors just because they might not have the experience writing for themselves
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We Drew in The Beautiful Book of Exquisite Corpses Heres What We Came Up With

McPhersons eulogy is the foreword for The Stories of Breece DJ Pancake the only book from the writer posthumously published Pancakes suicide at 26 still feels like a shock his history with the creator of time travel HG Wells and his
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Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan on Female Creators and the Direction of Hollywood PostMeToo

Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan roles of female creators starting to change as the MeToo movement has gained ground Listen to the full podcast here This transcript has been edited and condensed Bill Simmons Did you feel like this was
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Index sets up China shop

Index Holdings a mobile communications and media group has launched a China office Index China through group company Index Asia Pacific the company announced Thursday In partnership with China Mobile Index China will transmit Japanese comics and
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Comics Column 1 Windows on the Other Art

American Splendor the story of underground comic writer define the term comics that most of the creators who are innovating the medium have largely bowed out of the subject entirely Visionaries like Eddie From Hell Alec
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