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The Catholic Film Alliance and a Rebirth of Religious Patronage of the Arts

A new organization founded this year, the Catholic Alliance for the Film Arts, has a distinct vision to address the dilemma. According to its website, the …Read more

Humanism, Historical Consciousness, and Philosophies of the Reformation

The Magnificent Medici (en) (pt)

Power vs Truth subtitles (en) (pt)

The Age of Pope / The Augustan Age

The Catholic Film Alliance and a Rebirth of Religious Patronage of the Arts

A poster for Fifty Shades of Grey at the Regal Theater in Los Angeles Calif in 2015 Jonathan AlcornReuters Christians should create their own cultural touchpoints that are just as excellent as the best Hollywood has to offer The Hollywood
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This Catholic Arts Competition aims to foster beautiful Christian art

A Catholic liberal arts college in Pennsylvania is hosting of the greatest promoters of sacred art and quoted an address from Pope Francis to the Patron of the Arts in the Vatican Museums In every age the Church has called upon the arts to give
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The Church Gives Contemporary Art Its Blessing

A prominent patron of the arts he commissioned the elegant and perennially uncluttered appearance is at odds with the Roman Catholic Churchs reliance on religious symbols When a church lacks a sufficient amount of those traditional Catholic
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Take a stroll to Queens from Downtown Brooklyn part three

The Prince of American Catholic Architects left an impressive legacy Revered 19th-century architect Patrick Charles Keely designed an estimated 700 religious buildings in Mike Kohns Alliance Private Capital Group plans to convert the portion
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Percussionist Miguel Cruz and Little Havana Rise Again

On weekends especially during Viernes Culturales a celebration of arts and culture held on Calle Ocho the last There are cigar factories botanicas fruteras an iconic movie theater built in 1926 a monument to the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion
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Has Boston Given Up On God

This isnt the aggressive atheism of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchensonetime members of the Secular Student Alliance shattered the Catholic Churchs dominance of Bostons culture The city of 2001 depicted in the movie Spotlight
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