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The Blackout Club Review

Your friend has been taken. They have her, and none of the adults in your small town believes you. Who exactly is “they”? Well, that is for you and your friends to uncover. During the day, the peaceful modern-day town seems like every other; however, at night, …Read more

The Blackout Club Review Multiplayer Horror Where You Play as Kids

The Blackout Club is an online multiplayer-focused horror game developed by Question You play as a member of the Blackout Club a group of kids trying to rescue a kidnapped friend and stop a strange entity that takes over the minds of local adults when
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The Blackout Club Review An Enticing Concept Thats Executed Poorly

Despite a truly amazing prologueintroduction Questions The Blackout Club isnt all that scary and unfortunately isnt too fun either Like everyone else there are certain things in games that get me excited Whether its a unique spin on gameplay an
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The Blackout Club is messy buggy weird and I cant stop playing it

As a member of the titular Blackout Club I start out in the clubs train car hideout From there I prepare for nighttime excursions by choosing one of three Hero Tools A stun gun lets me get out of the grasp of a brainwashed citizen a grappling hook
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The Blackout Club review Things that go clunk in the night

Go back to the shadow A terror lurks in The Blackout Club and its not what youd expect In a game about a tormented Virginian town plagued by supernatural powers and godlike puppet masters I discovered a greater evil Take care lurking by a
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The Blackout Club Review Intensely Terrifying Co-Op Fun

Spooky things always happen at night If the Nightmare on Elm Street taught us anything its that you should never never fall asleep when theres creepy business afoot A small town is
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Close your eyes to see The Blackout Club on Xbox One PS4 and PC right now

The Blackout Club is ready to download right now priced at 2499 from the Xbox Store or the digital store of your choosing and our full review will be up on the site in the near future Theres also a Founders Pack containing two jackets
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