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The Blackout Club Review – PS4

After finishing the prologue of The Blackout Club, I got excited to jump into the full experience. As Isabella, you are being chased by a creepy, terrifying creature that you can only see when you close your eyes. It forces you to flee your home through your …Read more

The Blackout Club Out Today On PS4 Xbox One And PC

Developer Question announced that The Blackout Club has launched today on PS4 Xbox One and PC You can watch the games launch trailer below In The Blackout Club your friend has gone missing and all mysterious activities happening within Redacre go
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Close your eyes to see The Blackout Club on Xbox One PS4 and PC right now

Set to reinvent the co-op experience The Blackout Club is now available to download on Xbox One PS4 and PC Can you work together and or the digital store of your choosing and our full review will be up on the site in the near future
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PlayStation Store Update Madden NFL 20 The Blackout Club Forager

Madden NFL 20 is obviously the biggest release of this week although theres certainly no shortage of other PS4 and PS Vita experiences to check out The Blackout Club Forager the intriguing sounding Bear With Me The Lost Robots and quite a bit more
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The Blackout Club co-op horror game launches on PS4 Xbox and PC

Those of you patiently waiting for the launch of the first-person co-op horror game The Blackout Club centred around a group of teenage friends investigating a monstrous secret beneath the skin of their small town Will be pleased to know it is now
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The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club is a 4-player Survival Horror co-op game coming to PS4 on July 30 The game is being developed by some of the talent behind Thief A co-op horror from some of the minds behind Bioshock and Dishonored The Blackout Club looks to scare you
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The Blackout Club Launches at the End of July

As announced by developer Question recently The Blackout Club is set to arrive on PS4 Xbox One and PC on July 30 The Blackout Club which is a first-person co-op survival game first launched in Early Access last year in October and has slowly seen
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