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The Baltimore Culture Wars: A History

The cultural establishment praised Levinson's brand of assimilation even if it was, obviously, a pale knock-off of George Lucas's American Graffiti and …Read more

*Baltimore | The City That's Worse Than "The Wire" Wit Drugs & Violence | Shot By @TheRealZacktv1

Gang Life in Baltimore | The New York Times

Baltimore: Anatomy Of An American City | Rewind

The Gang Within: A Baltimore Police Scandal | Fault Lines

The Baltimore Culture Wars A History

The city of Baltimore has been an object of celebration defense argument and embarrassment in the arts since long before the latest political conflict Conservatives who crumble at allegations of racism the fiercest tactic of contemporary Democratic
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Baltimore has fewer rats than DC and other important facts about the citys long history fighting rodents

Dawn Biehler an associate professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County who has researched the history and public health impact Baltimore has waged wars on these rodents for more than a century in a variety of neighborhoods
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Trump has essentially declared a race war

CHARLESTON SC The idea of a race war has long throughout American history Nor was it confined to his tirade against Rep Elijah E Cummings D-Md and his majority-black congressional district which includes Baltimore when Trump
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Democratic Debate Capital One Baltimore Your Tuesday Briefing

Closer look Mr Trump and Mr Sharpton are both veterans of New Yorks often inflammatory racial politics and they have a long history of using each other for their own purposes whether as foes or friends Reaction Residents of Baltimore which Mr
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How politicians use fear of cities like Baltimore to stoke white resentment

Kyla Sommers is the editor of the History News Network at the George Washington University and a historian of Washington DC July 29 at 158 PM On Saturday President Trump attacked Rep Elijah E Cummings and the city of Baltimore in a series of tweets
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Proposed Baltimore museum would focus on culture and history of African nations

A new museum aimed at educating local schoolchildren and members of the public about the culture and customs of African together a series of workshops for Baltimore students in connection with Black History Month About 150 youngsters attended events
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