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The Arts and Crafts special relationship: how the British movement permeated US design culture

The Rise of Everyday Design: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain and America is a companion book, as well as a stand-alone volume, to an …Read more

2017 Personality 08: Carl Jung and the Lion King (Part 2)

Erasure by Exclusion: How Art Schools and Institutions Uphold White Supremacy

Mako Fujimura: Integration between the Bible and Art – Year of the Arts

PRACTICE: Outside In | Inside Out

Transatlantic tango Trump and May take their turn at the special relationship

Sir Kim Darroch British ambassador to the US It was Churchill born to an American who coined the phrase special relationship as well as iron curtain during a lecture tour of the US after the second world war The affinity has been
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Art and race How creators approach the subject through images

At the same time the abstract expressionist movement developed art that strived to be free It revealed his relationship to his own blackness while embedding in a culture that wanted an individual person and not their social category to carry
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A rehang a mega-show and 15 million visitors Tate Britain directors vision

In an interview with The Art Newspaper he outlines a new vision for the collection based on three pillars art and society history and the present and Britain and the world The current Walk through British s relationship with culture and
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The rise of the performance art

He points out that the term is culture-specific practices within art fashion design craft architecture and jewellery The performance perfectly fit to question the ideas with the spectrum of hospitality that disrupts the relationship between
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The Best Art Shows in Seattle Summer 2019

Ring On the Edge of the World Even a cursory visual arts education in the USEurope-focused as it isoften neglects From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts and Crafts Movement You may have seen Pre-Raphaelite paintings those opulently romantic
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Power to the art of protest

Is it a moment where culture needs to assert its values The conversation is going on certainly I think campuses got very deradicalised in the US movement Is it harder for artist activists to find a focus for protest now At the moment art is seeking
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