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The Art of a Glowing Screen

But the greatest American arts—which is to say, the arts most distinctively American—prove surprisingly collaborative, when one stops to think about …Read more

Glow Tutorial // Lighting & Glow Effects for Beginner Digital Artists



You've Never Seen A Backpack Do This…

The sound of silence

Brett Miller plays in the glow of the movie screen at Princeton Garden Theatre in Princeton NJ to the silent films Trip to the Moon and The Black Pirate on April 24 The 17-year-old has a passion for a lost art playing live organ
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Glowing reviews Inside the revival of neon signage

His work has lit up the screen in movies and televisions shows WeWorks Global Head of Art and Graphics Let There Be Neon has created hundreds of signs for the co-working company all
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Are Printed Portfolios Still Necessary to Make an Impression on Clients

Photographs also tend to look really good on a glowing screen And when it comes to video People are shooting Polaroids and with light-leak cameras Theres a fine-art aspect thats lost on screens With printed books you get to see the
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Mastering the art of the pop-up bar

Flags fly from the walls glowing red white and blue under strings of lights Drink and compete on the two fully-functional consoles a flat-screen displayed Nintendo and a classic arcade machine Pop Up PGHs drink menu has come a long way since
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Column Big screens and other distractions keep invading our concert spaces Can we just focus on the music

Alas the use of the Pritzkers LED screen during a Grant Park Orchestra concert is but the latest disruption in communication between art and audience patrons staring at their cell phones the glow emanating from these devices providing yet one
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Gretchen Benders Video Art Predicted the Bleak Future of Mass Media

Her art showcased in her first posthumous retrospective her body partly obscured behind glittering jets of blue light evoking screen glowa postmodern techno-prophet gazing knowingly back at us As with many contemporary shows of older multimedia
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