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The Advantages Off-Market Real Estate Listings Give Buyers, Sellers, And Agents

Here's the inside scoop behind off-market real estate listings and the advantages they give buyers, sellers, and agents in today's market. James Harris …Read more

Can you advertise Listings that aren't yours?

Stop Messin' With Realtors!! Wholesaling Real Estate 😡

Buying and Selling Homes in Real Estate's "Off Season"

Learn Two Effective Closes Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know | #TomFerryShow Episode 133

The Advantages Off-Market Real Estate Listings Give Buyers Sellers And Agents

Heres the inside scoop behind off-market real estate listings and the advantages they give buyers sellers and agents in todays market James Harris with his business partner David Parnes are top producers at The Agency in Beverly Hills a luxury
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Celebrity sales Resi brokers dish about their A-list clients

Over the years brokers have told The Real Deal about the many advantages sellers turn to pocket or off-market listings to limit access to information Segal said And while most agents
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The biggest signs youre overpaying on a house and 5 ways to avoid it

First-time homebuyers are more likely to overpay on their house Here are the warning signs to avoid overpaying
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Austin real estate experts disclose 10 tips for first-time buyers

Dont take it lightly shop full-time agents They say that 10 percent of the agents in this town do 90 percent of the work said Mary Daniels lead buyer off-market properties going for sale soon If theyre simply sending you listings
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Ask Dave – July 21

Can you explain exactly what pocket or off-market listings are turn up when we e-blast for a buyers need if properties on the market at that time dont fill the bill I would encourage you to hook up with a real estate agent and have them start
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Sellers can decide if pocket listing is right for them

It makes for some dramatic reading as reporters go out in search of crooked real estate agents who have secret listings so they can make more money at the expense of unsuspecting buyer and sellers at the center of an off-market listing
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