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The 2 questions Rep. John Ratcliffe must answer before he becomes Trump's intel chief

The director of national intelligence is supposed to tell the president the truth, even if it's something he doesn't want to hear. President Donald Trump selected Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) as the next top American spy on Sunday, soon after Daniel Coats …Read more

The 2 questions Rep John Ratcliffe must answer before he becomes Trumps intel chief

Rep John If Ratcliffe answers no though it will show that he doesnt accept settled intelligence likely because he wants to look good in front of Trump That would bode poorly for how he might act as the intelligence chief
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Mueller says he did not exonerate Trump US policy precluded charges

And if I can finish Mueller told Republican Matt Gaetz after the congressman interrupted him In a comment sure to disappoint Republicans Mueller said he would not answer questions about the origins of the Russia probe in the FBI before he was named to
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Nunes Wray Acknowledged FBI Spies Hes Trying to Differentiate Illegal and Legal Spying

Now the question is how did they obtain these records Joining me now Congressman Devin Nunes Ranking Member of the House Intel the answer becomes more and more people were doing spying And what the Director is trying to say is is hes trying
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Michel Barnier says the UK voted for Brexit because of typical British nostalgia

The EUs chief negotiator – and is worsening We must listen to these fears and address them The Frenchman said Eurocrats regretted they had not intervened in the row to correct the lies But he said it was now probably too late for Britain
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Croatia gives Israel deadline on F-16 sale being held up by US

Khashoggi a contributor to the Washington Post was murdered on October 2 in what Riyadh called a rogue operation Narges Mohammadi and British-Iranian detainee Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe announce Thursday plans to go on hunger strike in Tehran
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Dan Bongino on Spygate Obama Mueller The Biggest Spy Scandal In American History

Yeah the answer John Hancock on the FISA warrant He quits right after the election Who did John Carlin work for Now clean up on Aisle 4 is going to start to make sense Who did John Carlin work for before he got there in the DOJ Hes Bob Muellers
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