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Teen 'Fortnite' champion won more than Tiger Woods at the Masters

You don't beat out millions of other players on the path to winning the first Fortnite World Cup without untold hours of practice and playing at a consistently high level over an extended period. But after utterly dominating six matches of battle royale chaos at the …Read more

Teen Fortnite champion won more than Tiger Woods at the Masters

The fifth-placed player in the Solos competition Argentinas Thiago King Lapp won 900000 — King is 13 years old Saturdays Duos champions split earned almost 50 percent more than Tiger Woods did for winning the Masters — the golfing legend
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Heres the 16-year-old who won 3 million at the Fortnite World Cup

Thats more than what tennis champion Novak Djokovic took home from his Wimbledon victory two weeks ago and more than Tiger Woods winnings from this years Masters Tournament It is also the largest amount a single individual has won from an esports
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16-year-old Fortnite world champ wins 3 million

Kyle Giersdorf of Pottsgrove Pennsylvania won 3 million as the first Fortnite World Cup solo champion The competition took place Sunday at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York That payout is more than Tiger Woods made for winning the 2019 Masters Tournament
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Masters 2019 Tiger Woods should enjoy this win more than any other

At 140 pm on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Augusta National Golf Club Tiger Woods became Tiger Woods Until last September when he won the Tour Championship Woods had gone more than five years without winning a tournament of any kind
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How this 16-year-old just outdid Novak Djokovic and Tiger Woods

American teen Kyle Bugha that of Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic who won 432 million and it beat Tiger Woods haul of 287 million for claiming The Masters Esports 12 The
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Tiger Woods wins 2019 Masters to capture first green jacket since 2005

Tiger Woods has won the and now Im the dad with two kids there Woods made history 22 years ago when he won his first Masters at age 21 the youngest champion ever But until Sunday he hadnt won a major in more than 10 years having last captured
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