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Taika Waititi Is Back for Thor 4, But Akira Is on Hold

It's now unclear what's going to happen to Akira, but sources told the trade that Warner Bros. may wait until after Thor 4 so Waititi can come back. The timing of this news seems oddly coincidental, though, considering Marvel is likely to announce its upcoming …Read more

Thor 4 confirmed Taika Waititi returning to direct

Marvel knows a good thing when it sees one In this instance the studio is bringing Taika Waititi back to direct Thor 4 putting Akira on hold in favor of the Marvel production The news comes just days before Marvel is set to reveal plans for Phase 4 of
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Taika Waititi Is Back For Thor 4 But Akira Is On Hold

Taika Waititi will be back with Chris Hemsworth for another Thor film Photo Disney Thor will be back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Taika Waititi will once again be steering the ship
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Taika Waititi Returning for Thor 4 Akira Film to Be Delayed Indefinitely

Taika Waititi will return to direct the fourth Thor film for Disney concerns delaying shooting for Akira The result is that WB arguably cowering before the might of all things Marvel has once again pushed back Akira to accommodate the director
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THOR 4 Taika Waititi Will Return To Write Direct RAGNAROK Sequel As AKIRA Is Put On Hold Indefinitely

The critically acclaimed Thor to bring back Waititi In other news Warner Bros long-gestating adaptation of the Japanese manga Akira which had already been set for a May 21 2021 release date has been put on an indefinite hold
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Taika Waititi Returns to MCU as Thor 4 Director While Warner Bros Delays Akira Indefinitely

Taika Waititi is officially returning into the MCU and shes expected to return to Thor 4 as well The news of Waititi directing Thor 4 comes as Warner Bros puts a hold on Akira The live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese
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Were getting a fourth Thor film and Taika Waititi is directing it

But it means the directors anticipated adaptation of Akira is delayed indefinitely Director Taika Waititi is We know nothing about Thor 4 given that Waititi just inked the deal but no
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