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Around 40% of travel apps are hard to use, and airline apps are slow to load – JD Power

A new large-scale consumer satisfaction survey from JD Power has revealed bad news for the travel industry. More than 12,000 users of airline, More than 12,000 users of airline, hotel, travel agent, and car rental apps found relatively low levels of satisfaction.Ease of use was particularly problematic NordVPNAs travel apps rapidly replace everything from boarding passes to car rental and hotel room keys, many such apps are falling short of user expectations, according to the J.D.
Power Inaugural U.S.Travel App Satisfaction Study, released today.Although travel apps can involve detailed information, and might be expected to struggle in terms of ease of use, the survey found that this didnt seem to be the reason they lagged behind financial apps.
Travel apps lag far behind customer financial apps in overall satisfaction. The average overall satisfaction score for Hotel, Online Travel Agent (OTA) and Rental Car apps is 849 (on a 1,000-point scale).Airline apps score lower (840). By contrast, overall user satisfaction scores for credit card apps (874) and retail banking apps (867) are substantially higher.
Both credit card and banking apps also have considerably higher levels of utilization.JD Power found that ease of use was the most important factor, and many airline and hotel apps are failing to live up to expectations there.Across all segments of travel apps, the key performance indicator (KPI) with the most influence on overall satisfaction is ease of use during travel. Hotel apps that users cite as “easy to use” score 130 points higher in overall satisfaction compared with apps that are perceived as more difficult to use.Among airline apps, that gap is 125 points. However, just 58% of hotel apps and 62% of airline apps currently achieve these levels.Unsurprisingly, the most-used apps are airline ones, as these have the highest utility value. They generally prompt you when check-in opens and allow you to add your boarding pass to the Wallet app, as well as alerting you to any delays to your flight.Of those who had any travel app installed, 90% included at least one airline app.The biggest complaint about airline apps was slow loading times.Airline apps have  the lowest performance in the industry when it comes to speed of screens loading during travel.

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Rapper Turned Commentator Tech 9 Dies, Leaves Entire Culture Mourning

Battle Rapper turned commentator and the culture’s version of Stephen A. Smith, Tech 9 transitioned over the weekend,With his catchphrase Microwave Stopper, no-holds-bar critique of battles and battlers, he was unmatched and beloved personality and influencer.
It does him no justice to limit his rising star to just this platform in Hip-Hop media, he could have honestly been as legendary as veteran cultural critics and music enthusiasts such as Harry Allen, Selwyn Hinds or Allen Black Cat Gordon. As a professional, he felt almost responsible for the content he reported on, maintaining an ability to challenge rappers from a space of familiarity and accountability.He also was very generous teaching others about this art form he so loved.He will be missed.
He leaves to mourn his immediate family and children, friends and an entire culture of fans who send their prayers and sympathies.Check out some of the most legendary moments of his career:While The Source would have wanted to produce a compilation of his most legendary moments, YouTube fans and content creator Damnimwild offers this in memorial.

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Crass culture

The Grammys and Oscars allow us to trumpet the accomplishments of the arts, but rarely do we get such opportunities to chortle at the missteps as well as the masterpieces.Now that we are a full two months into 2019, enough time has passed to look back on the worst of the worst in 2018. There were plenty of lows in a truly tumultuous year, so let us take this opportunity to celebrate the fact that these debacles are behind us.

Worst celebrity: Logan PaulJonah Baker | ArgonautThis one comes without debate. Logan Paul had arguably one of the worst years of any celebrity in 2018, which is all the more impressive when you consider that Mark Zuckerberg continued to be Very Mark Zuckerberg and Roseanne Barr torpedoed her return to fame in no fewer than three separate instances.Paul had already set himself up for disappointment based on the fact that his target audience is 12 years old while his antics call to mind the most unhinged frat bro ever. Even with that disadvantage, Paul made a fool of himself in January 2018 by uploading a video in which he and his cronies found the body of a suicide victim in Japan and proceeded to make jokes and cause irreparable damage to Paul’s brand and even put a strain on U.S.-Japanese relations. Many lost subscribers and sponsors later, Paul proved to learn little and posted a video that included jokes about the tide pod challenge and cruel treatment of animals. YouTube temporarily suspended his advertising revenue and cemented his status as one of 2018’s worst.

Worst film: GottiFeel free to forgive yourself if you don’t remember this movie. I had to go back and sift through John Travolta’s latest comeback attempt, but I must admit even the briefest of research will suffice for this category.The movie received a perfect 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and led all 2018 movies in Golden Raspberry nominations with six. The film resulted in a $5.6 million loss for Vertical Entertainment and MoviePass Ventures, and just about everyone involved deserves blame.It certainly feels as if mob boss biopics are always chasing the “The Godfather,” but “Gotti” may be the furthest thing from an unrefusable offer.
It seems impossible to believe that Travolta played such a polished role in “American Crime Story,” but otherwise it seems impossible to bet on anything Travolta is involved in going into 2019.Worst album: RECKLESS by NAVWith an unmissable nasally voice, NAV spent most of 2018 trying to be taken seriously as another RB artist from Toronto, not as moody as The Weeknd and not as preposterous as Drake.

RECKLESS was the laborious result of his unfortunate approach. In an already overpacked scene, NAV brought nothing innovative to the table and clearly suffered without the co-authoring and producing help of Metro Boomin from his prior release.RECKLESS proves that there is no end to NAV’s moodiness, and no feature is going to save an album that will ultimately prove easy to leave in 2018.2019 has already brought us a fresh batch of controversy and conflict, but at least we can firmly say that the (relatively) new year will require zero attention paid to these works of ‘culture.’Jonah Baker can be reached.

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Victoria Beckham just majorly showed her generosity with latest fashion hack

In her latest YouTube video, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at her Autumn/Winter 2019 fashion show, she revealed that just before the catwalk.I literally just had to give my bra to one of the girls, she told the camera.Victoria helped out one of the models just before the show began.The last-minute swap didnt seem to affect the show, since the footage then changed to the models walking the catwalk calmly, showing off Victorias chic and tailored designs. The mum of four can then be seen stepping out to applause, before heading backstage to give all the models a big hug.Victoria Beckham shocks with a pair of shoes you just wouldn’t expect Loading the player.
As well as her YouTube channel launch, Victoria has been busy as ever sharing her favorite outfits on social media, most recently impressing her followers by styling up a pair of gold foil trousers in a surprisingly low-key way. She wore the 880 piece with a simple white tee and gold pointed heels, captioning the shot, my favourite#VBSS19 split front trouser.Well be needing a high-street dupe of those!In fact, if youre hankering after VBs signature style, you might be in luck, since she also recently announced that shell be answering fan questions in her next YouTube vid head over to Instagram stat if you have a burning fashion or beauty query for our favourite Spice Girl. So far, theres been talk of whether shell ever launch a plus-size or mens range so were all ears for the next instalment.

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‘Social media is changing Nigeria’s real estate sector’

Unlike before, whereby the print and electronic media were the only channels toward reaching buyers in the real estate industry, the social media is Asides the fact that major firms now have presence on websites, the sites are further linked to various social media platforms which have transformed to aggregator for large market audience, especially the youth and the tech-savvy individuals.

Statistics show that over 60 per cent of those looking for homes now use the internet to search for properties against the age-long culture of first looking for an estate agent to perform that role.Experts say, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world used to explore houses and communities when considering property destinations.In fact, many estate agents have remained active on social media to monitor clients’ interest in newly listed properties following clusters on channels across the web.Furthermore, real estate firms now partner specialised videography companies in interior, exterior and drone footage of staged homes, helping sellers engage potential buyers via video uploaded before they commit to a walk-through.Marketing professionals claim that video content has the best return on investment since 2015 even as 93per cent of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication.The power of the tools also resonates in showing detailed property listing information to a large group of people and at the same time engaging them simultaneously whereas, this could be impossible to execute in person.

For Instagram, its ability to receive instant feedback on property listing makes it a phenomenal tool and it’s considered as the fastest-growing social media platform, with over 500 million monthly users, according to experts.But how has Nigeria’s realtors been adapting the platform for the profession, an estate surveyor and Valuer, Mr.Rawlings Ehumadu explained the effect of social media has really taken root in the real estate industry. He said through the platforms, clients and prospect are reached very easily without spending so much like before, on advertising on major traditional media.According to him, social network comes very easily and has thus, become very easier to reach out to clients.He said the big social media platforms like, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn WhatsApp and others have commercial packages through which we promote real estate products for as little as between $2, $5 and $10 that you can afford to push your product for you as far as you want.
“It will pull your products to America and wherever you want it to get to while you are sitting within the comfort of your office. I have used it a number of times and it actually paid up and so it’s quite exciting”.In my practice, I noticed that I don’t move around as much as I used to. Anytime am on the road, it’s for something very serious.Time wasting on travelling has become much reduced and so it helps us a lot generally”, he noted.On the trust people have on transactions via the social media, he observed that it depends on the background of the practitioners.It is left for the people to do their individual search on the personality advertising the product.He said, “I have sold property for people that I have not met before and I transferred money to them.For client to give you some level of trust, they must have done their due diligence on you and perhaps realise that even though they meet you on social media, you are still a professional practitioner”.If a client could further do a search on the person advertising, trust can’t be a problem especially if you have a website and belong to a credible professional organisation.

For business to thrive, he noted there must be trust because service is about trust”.Mr.Rawlings, who is also the principal partner of Rawlings Ehummandu and Company observed that the convenience of social media is remarkable having become a worldwide thing. Even though there are lots of junks on social media, he maintained that credible people still come on board.On his part, Richard Olodu, the principal partner, Richard Olodu and Company, said the platforms has been adapted by professional real estate practitioners to specifically showcase properties for people within the profession as well as contacts on the platforms who are friends and families who might have a client for advertised property.“Though the platform is close ended, the traditional media still remain open ended.People have trust in their friends and families. Any advert through such platform everybody knows where each person lives and much about themselves.

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