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APR Plots Indonesian Viscose-Rayon to Take Over World Fashion

Jakarta. Asia Pacific Rayon, or APR, is one of the largest integrated producers of viscose-rayon in Asia. Asia Pacific Rayon, or APR, is one of the largest integrated producers of viscose-rayon in Asia.
The sustainably-produced fibre is commonly used in outerwearfrom casual shirts to coatsand now the company wants it to be used in haute couture as well. It also believes that the increasingly fine fabric can boost Indonesias textile exports.The company is part of global pulp giant Royal Golden Eagle, controlled by conglomerate Sukanto Tanoto, and had just opened a new plant in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, early this year.The Riau plant will be capable of producing 240,000 tons of viscose-rayonsoft fiber made from dissolved celluloseevery year.
On Thursday (28/03), APR showcased the results of its collaboration with eight Indonesian fashion designers who turned out high-fashion outfits using viscose-rayon as part of the 2019 Indo Intertex fashion and textile exhibition held at JIEXPO Kemayoran in East Jakarta.We use sustainable raw material and clean manufacturing to produce our viscose, Cherie Tan, APRs vice president of communications, said at the event.We track the sources of our raw material and are committed to be transparent about it. We only use dissolved pulp certified to have no deforestation links, she said.
The company hopes its fine viscose-rayon can soon be found on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York as part of the couture collections of many creative young designers from Indonesia trying to make it on the world stage.Indonesias textile and fashion industry has enormous potential.The government is targeting textile exports of $15 billion this year, Muhdori, the Industry Ministrys textile, leather and footwear director, said. Last years figure was $14 billion.The Indonesian Textile Association (API) estimates the value of Indonesian textile exports can reach a whopping Rp 444 trillion ($31 billion) by 2025.APR is the future of Indonesian textiles, simply because dissolved pulp is the future of the global textile industry, Muhdori said.
APRs director Basrie Kamba said locally made viscose-rayon will offer a big boost to Indonesias creative economysomething President Jokowi has been especially keen on. Until recently, Indonesia still relied on imports for the material.The designers who collaborated with us and were on show today are proof that Indonesia is more than capable of producing high-quality fashion using viscose-rayon. This textile actually gives designers a competitive advantage, Basrie said.APR plans to exports 96,000 tons of viscose-rayon this year, mostly to Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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Intrepid Travel Has Launched Women-Only Trips To Some Of The Planet’s Most Exciting Destinations

Solo female travel is on the rise, with women making up a huge portion of travellers traversing the globe at this very minute.And Intrepid Travel is making it even more exciting to plan a holiday with its new line of Women’s Expeditions, meaning you can hike through Nepal as part of an all-female crew or get a new style at a women’s-only hair salon and stay in a local homestay in Iran.
The expeditions are run by women, for women, taking those who are keen for authentic adventures through Kenya, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, India, Turkey or Nepal, showcasing the traditions and routines of local women in each destination.Ever wanted to travel the world and experience everything from another woman’s perspective? The Women’s Expeditions take visitors deep into exciting and significant situations that are normally off-limits to regular tours, like swimming on a female-only beach in Turkey, celebrating the female-only Gangur Festival in India, visiting women-only villages in Kenya, or stepping inside the hidden world of an Iranian beauty salon.The Women’s Exhibitions are guided by female tour leaders who help to break the gender and cultural barriers of traditional tourism, and you’ll be invited into the lives of local women on tours that maintain respect for traditional and cultural values.Intrepid Travel is committed to equality, and their Women’s Expeditions are the latest step in a long line of inclusive actions.
The company has previously achieved a 50/50 gender split in the number of new leaders hired in India and is working to double its number of female tour leaders across the world by 2020.Inspired to kick it with the girls on your next adventure? Check out Intrepid Travel’s range of womens expeditions on their website.
Brought to you by Intrepid TravelReady to start planning your next adventure? Check out Intrepid Travel’s range of women’s only trips

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Master of abstract painting: Meet Ahmet Özel

As an artist who has reflected the individual human journey on his canvases in an abstract style for many years, Ahmet Özel scrutinizes his own,The city was alive like a busy market in those times, and many American cars road the streets.
Back then, a high school teenager was getting out of Kabataş High School, where he was educated and walking to the coastal town of Fındıklı where his greatest delight was catching fish. However, he did not know that he was catching fish in the garden of the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, now known as the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.One day, he left the garden and stepped inside the huge building behind him. Once he entered, he was mesmerized by an exhibition on display.
He could not understand for a few minutes why these works of art were here, but then learned that it was the famous Turkish art academy.That high school boy was gifted artist Ahmet Özel, and this was his first meeting with the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, founded by renowned Turkish painting artist Osman Hamdi Bey as the first fine arts educational institution in Turkey.Özel does not come from an artistic family. He was the son of a migrant family that tried to sustain their lives under difficult conditions.
But there was one sure thing: He had a talent for painting. Everyone thought him talented but no one directed him to a career in this field.It was his first meeting with the academy that motivated and encouraged him. Thereafter, Özel decided to receive an education in its magical atmosphere.He was not well prepared but took the entrance exams. As you can imagine, he succeeded and entered the world of painting.Even if his first brush stroke on canvas was a chance, he took firm steps toward painting and became one of the most productive Turkish artists. I interviewed him concerning his latest exhibition “İç Güneş” (“Inner Sun”), which opened March 16 at Gallery Diani and on display until April 6, I found myself in an intense conversation in a minute.I was looking at a wise man with a cultural and informational accumulation of years. The more he talked, the more I became curious about his art and his perspective.
I learned the aforementioned details about his finding art and then wanted to hear about his style and themes. Before coming to the interview, I saw on the Internet that art critic Ruşen Eşref Yılmaz praised Özel’s works.He said, “The painting of Ahmet Özel is a whole of polysemic phenomenon that implies the existence of human beings as part of the cosmic universe.” While Özel was talking about his themes, his words reminded me of Yılmaz’s comment.Özel was really into the individual journey of humans. He said that he focused on figures in his paintings until the ’90s.Then, he inclined to the theme of the sky. Özel evaluates this inclination as a concept that developed in him to understand the universe and creation.
The artist, then, started to reflect meteors on his canvas. These meteors turned into angels and mother figures and finally light.
However, Özel highlights that he always scrutinized the creation of the universe and human beings with an intuition-based dialect and reflected it isolated from time and space in a mythological dimension with mystical arrangements.Daily Sabah’s Irem Yaşar (R) with Ahmet Özel at Gallery Diani.Noting that he always begins to paint without any preparation, Özel sees his works as a mirror to himself. He stressed that the only thing that he tries to do in his job is to reflect what he has inside.
Performing his talent extemporaneously, he said: “I do not like to transfer something that has been completed in my mind. I like the improvisational process of painting.I do not want to destroy the excitement that it gives me.”Admiration for BruegelAs I saw his attachment to his art with such a deep desire while he was talking, my interest in learning about his ideas and feelings about famous artists increased.I could not wait and asked about figures that he admired. After this question, his eyes sparkled.The artist waited for a second and said that he is really moved especially by one artist’s work although there are many others that he admires. This work was the Dutch Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel’s “The Blind Leading the Blind” (aka “The Parable of the Blind”).
He said that he made a copy of this work during his academy years, and this painting became his source of inspiration as of that day. “Even if people do not know that, this painting stays as a frame in all of my productions,” he emphasized.
At that very moment, Gallery Diani’s founder Telga Südor Mendi interrupted the conversation with similar excitement. She said that she attended the comprehensive exhibition that the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna has organized to mark the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel.Common interests Özel is an artist who sees himself as a part of society. For him, artists should not be considered leaders or pioneers.Therefore, I can assure you that you will witness the modesty of the artist at “İç Güneş” as well as the perfect brush strokes and the deep meanings behind the paintings, where you will accompany his own life epiphany through the abstract elements on display.

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