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Possible mountain travel delays midday through Saturday, wet pattern next week

March 22, 2019 – Another round of rain and snow Friday through Saturday with enough mountain snow to impact weekend travel. Dry weather Sunday then more rain and mountain snow early next week.
Discussion Cloudiness over the Northern Sierra associated with the upper low vicinity of KLAS will erode/dissipate overnight as the cyclonic flow around the upper low weakens. A plethora of CU/SC cloudiness and a few light showers over the west slope Sierra will also dissipate after sunset as diurnal/differential heating ceases as well.Subsidence from the Ern Pac ridge axis moving inland will also bring clearing to the west slope Sierra overnight, or continue the clear conditions elsewhere.But, by Fri afternoon and evening precip will once again spread over interior NorCal as Mar wx continues to roar like the proverbial lion.A couple of the higher resolution QPF/REF progs show the leading edge of the precip reaching the coast by 5 am Fri, (with some light showers ahead of it over Shasta Co) moving towards I-5 by 10 am Fri, and into the Sierra by early afternoon. The timing of the WSW looks about right, and will continue messaging some travel impacts developing by afternoon and into Sat.
Snow levels forecast to be around 5000 ft over the Sierra to 4000 ft over Shasta Co Fri afternoon, and 4000-4500 ft Sat.By late Sat afternoon, the main frontal precip band will be near the CA/NV border and cross mountain flow from the Coastal Range should bring some subsidence warming/drying and eroding of the cloud cover on the west side of the Vly.
BUFKIT forecast soundings suggest differential heating could lead to surface-based convection Sat afternoon mainly from the Sac area Nwd towards RDD as the upper trof axis moves over the area. The higher probability for storms appears to be with the colder mid-tropospheric (5H) temps over the Nrn portion of the CWA, (i.e. CIC, RBL, RDD areas) where deeper instability is forecast than at locations farther south in our CWA.
The upper trof is forecast to move into NV Sat evening and precip will end or wind-down overnight in our CWA. Upper-level short-wave ridging moving in behind the trof on Sun will result in a dry day with warmer daytime highs than on Sat.Sun will be a good day to travel, but the dry wx will be brief, as the next wx system is forecast to spread another round of precip over interior NorCal beginning Sun night. And, the wet wx could persist through the middle of next week.
It seems as if Mar wx will continue like the proverbial lion over NorCal until the end of the month.Extended Discussion (Monday through Thursday)Models in good agreement with Pacific frontal system moving through interior NorCal Monday bringing widespread precipitation.Precip turns showery Tuesday, mainly over the mountains.A stronger Pacific storm follows with more widespread rain and mountain snow beginning Tuesday night and continuing into Thursday.Total QPF for Monday into Thursday attm looks to be around 1 to 2 inches for the Central Valley and 1 to 4 inches for the foothills and mountains. Mountain travel impacts due to periods of heavy snow and strong wind are likely next week.

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Filmart: Sun Entertainment Culture invests in international content (exclusive)

Entitled Shiseishi: The Tattoo Master, Shya’s neo-noir series is being produced in collaboration with the team behind popular Japanese drama Midnight Diner.
Each episode will follow the tattoo master as he works with a different client.One of Asia’s leading photographers, who also co-directed Fox-backed 2010 hit Hot Summer Nights, Shya said he plans to bring sci-fi and supernatural elements to the story.“In each episode, the tattoo master is transported to other dimensions where he finds inspiration for his designs,” Shya told Screen.SUNEC is in talks with other investors and platforms on the series, which is scheduled to start shooting in Japan in November for release in the second half of next year.
Further seasons are planned to shoot in other parts of Asia including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.SUNEC is also investing in A Perfect Family and Inversion as part of its new strategy to “provide high-quality entertainment contents for worldwide audiences”, in addition to its existing production slate of China-focused films.Scheduled to start shooting in the US state of Georgia in May, A Perfect Family is a US-Hong Kong collaboration produced by Belle Avery (The Meg), Shaun Redick (Get Out) and Randy Greenberg (The Meg). The film follows two FBI agents assigned to investigate the disappearance of a priest.Produced by Markus Barmettler and Philip Lee, Inversion was first announced in 2016, before Sun was involved, and now has Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Mr Popper’s Penguins) on board to direct. Production is scheduled to start this summer in the US, UK, India, China and Hong Kong.Scripted by Li Wei (Shadow), the film follows a young Chinese physicist and US conman as they race to save the world from an inversion of gravity. Chinese actress Yang Cai Yu (Youth) is set to star.Suncity CEO Alvin Chau and SUNEC CEO Alex Dong and managing director Paco Wong will unveil the three projects at a press conference at Filmart today (March 18).

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China Plans To Build Space Solar Station

Chinese scientists have revealed plans to build and launch in orbit a space solar station that could capture the Sun’s rays 24/7, Chinese media report.
China has already started to build an early experimental space power plant in the city of Chongqing, The Sydney Morning Herald reported, citing an article in China’s Science and Technology Daily.The space solar station, planned to orbit the Earth at 36,000 kilometers (22,370 miles) could provide an inexhaustible source of clean energy for humans, according to Pang Zhihao, a researcher at the China Academy of Space Technology Corporation.Such solar power technology could supply reliable energy 99 percent of the time and have six times the intensity of the solar farms that work on the earth, the scientist says.China will start by launching small solar stations between 2021 and 2025, while a possible next step would be a Megawatt-level station planned to be built in 2030.The energy from the space solar station would be converted into a microwave or laser beam that would be sent to the earth.
However, the project has two major hurdles to overcome in order to become a practical solution. One is the weight of a space solar station, expected to be more than two times the weight of the International Space Station.The other is the safety impact of laser or microwave beams sent to the earth.Related: 2 Reasons Why Big Oil.Isn’t Rushing Into Renewables China is not the only country studying the potential of harnessing the power of the Sun in space.Caltech for example has its Space Solar Power Project, which has researched the use of ultralight, foldable, 2D integrated elements, Caltech has developed a prototype which collects sunlight, converts it to RF electrical power, then wirelessly transmit that power in a steerable beam.According to Caltech’s research, Collecting solar power in space and transmitting the energy wirelessly to Earth through microwaves enables terrestrial power availability unaffected by weather or time of day.

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