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Pakistan must bridge differences between Muslim countries

ISLAMABAD: With the unity of Muslim Ummah vulnerable to emerging challenges, Pakistan must play the role of a bridge to strengthen the bonds between Muslim countries.
PHOTO: EXPRESS This was stated by ulema during a seminar on Pakistan-Saudi Relations in Islamabad on Thursday.
The seminar had been organised by the Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) and was presided by the council’s chairman Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi.Addressing the convention, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Maulana Noorul Haq Qadri said that visit of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to Pakistan will herald a new era of prosperity and economic stability.
He added that Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) are knotted in an eternal relationship of brotherhood and faith.“KSA is committed to making a historic investment in Pakistan to uplift its economy, which is a demonstration of Saudis trust and confidence on the people and the government of Pakistan,” Maulana Qadri said.
He recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan chose Riyadh as his first destination for an official foreign tour after taking office.“History is witness to the fact that both Pakistan and KSA are time-tested friends.
In every thick and thin, both the brother Islamic countries have assisted each other,” he stated.Furthermore, he said that KSA has always been on forefront whenever Pakistan has called on it, either on the occasion of nuclear sanctions or economic mayhem.
He added that KSA and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had supported Pakistan during the current economic crisis.KSA’s investment in Pakistan will restore and reinforce the trust and confidence business communities the world over have in the country, he said.
International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) President Dr Ahmed Yousaf Al-Darvesh, who is a Saudi, stated that KSA feels proud of its brotherly ties with Pakistan.The leadership of political and religious organizations speaking at the conference welcomed the state visit, stating that this visit will prove to be a historic milestone to strengthen Pak-Saudi Arabia relations in the longer run.
Participants of the seminar also underlined that the Muslim Ummah was resolved to confronting challenges faced by the Muslim world.They added that Muslims from all over the world gathered and united in Harmain Al Sharifain keeping aside all distinctions, this unity is required to steer out the Muslim Ummah from prevailing challenges.
The participants of the seminar also lauded efforts of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government for strengthening its ties with brotherly Muslim countries with the visit of Crown Prince Salman to further cement brotherly relations between Pakistan and KSA.The massive Saudi investment in Pakistan will enhance opportunities for both Saudi and Pakistani merchants to boost bilateral trade between both the Muslim brother countries.
The participants of the seminar stated that Pakistan enjoys a respectable place amongst Muslim countries. Hence, it must play an effective role as a bridge for the unity of the Muslim Ummah.
Saudi Crown Prince Amir Muhammad bin Salman is scheduled to land in Pakistan later this week where he is expected to sign a series of agreements in different fields to uphold economic ties between the two countries.The conference also underlined that in mosques across Pakistan, special prayers will be offered after the Friday sermons on February 15, regarding stability and peace in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
The Friday congregations will also adopt resolutions to welcome Saudi Crown Prince Amir Muhammad bin Salman on his arrival in, 2019.

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Pindi police issues traffic plan for Saudi crown prince’s arrival

RAWALPINDI: With Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman due to arrive in the city tomorrow, the Rawalpindi City Traffic Police (CTP) has devised a comprehensive traffic plan wherein traffic arriving from Lahore will be denied entry into the federal …
Meanwhile, the Islamabad Deputy Commissioner has refuted reports of a city-wide blockade and closure of cellular services in the city.
According to the plan, additional personnel of traffic warden will be deployed at key intersections and at diversion points to control the flow traffic while the special branch of the Rawalpindi Traffic Police (RTP) will distribute special passes for on-duty traffic wardens.Heavy traffic heading to the federal capital from Lahore and other cities will be prevented from entering Islamabad a little before Rawat.
However, heavy traffic will be allowed to enter the federal capital late at night.The capital’s entry point from the Grand Trunk (GT) Road will also be closed for the public.
Traffic on GT Road will be diverted on to the arteries of Jhelum Road while vehicles can enter Islamabad through Mall Road or Murree Road.Koral Chowk, Shakariyal, Khanna Pul, and the Faizabad interchange will remain closed for regular traffic as well.
Further, traffic coming from Airport Road will be diverted to Rawal Road via the Ammar Chowk overhead bridge.Further, traffic coming from Golra Mor will be diverted towards the IJ Principal road through Pirwadhai.
Citizens can access the capital and IJP road through the Double Road.In case anyone is stuck or has questions about the closures, Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muhammad Bin Ashraf said that citizens can call the traffic police helpline for information.
He added that the CTP was looking to minimise the difficulties faced by the public during the VIP movements and that wardens have been directed to report to their duties sharply at 5am on February 16.Meanwhile, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat on Thursday refuted rumours that the federal capital will be locked down for the arrival of the Saudi Crown Prince or that cellular services will be suspended during the visit.
Everything will be normal, he remarked in a tweet on microblogging site . The deputy commissioner clarified that only red zone and some adjoining areas will be restricted for entry for a limited time.
To a question on social media, the deputy commissioner stated that reports of no traffic movement ahead of Kak Pul, and complete restriction for heavy traffic in the federal capital and suspension of airspace were not true. To a suggestion by a user, he said the traffic plan for Islamabad would be issued on Friday.
He, however, confirmed that the Metro Bus service will not enter the red zone and its adjoining areas on Saturday and Sunday. However, the roads will remain open, he said.
CNG cylinder banThe CTP has approached the Rawalpindi district administration to place a complete ban on the installation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders in school vans.Rawalpindi CTO Rawalpindi Ashraf has written to the district administration demanding a complete ban on gas cylinders.
Further, the CTP has asked the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) to prepare special route permits for school vans along with implementing a fitness certificate system by the concerned authority after proper inspection of the vehicles.The CTO said that since last year, the police have registered more than a hundred cases of unstandardized CNG cylinders in public transport vehicles and school vans.
He explained that cylinders blasts and fires in vehicles in recent years has resulted in the loss of numerous precious lives, including children.Ashraf added that the CTP will soon launch a large-scale operation in which violators will be arrested and cases will be registered against the drivers as well the owners of the vehicles after the district administration bans CNG cylinders.

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