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#100Day100Uturns – Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s Failures

Imran Khan is famously known as a MASTER OF U-TURNS in Pakistan’s politics. He proposes a policy and works according to it for few months after some time he contradicts himself and brings up another new policy and works on it and this is continuous. Last #PTI100Days was just like an injection that doctor injects to a patient for healing and healthy life in upcoming days. The nation has little bit woken up,now they needs their rights so they’re asking about their right.PTI government attracted much negative traction after it asked Atif R Mian, an Ahmadi, to step down from the (EAC) Economic Advisory Council days after he was appointed. For all its failure in legislative work and unforgivable delay in the formation of the committees,polices and other matters, PTI has nobody but itself to blame for.

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