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NASA, Roscosmos Reach Consensus on Upcoming Crew Dragon Unmanned Flight to ISS

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – NASA has received the concurrence of Russian space agency Roscosmos on the planned first unmanned test flight of the US Crew Dragon capsule to the International Space Station (ISS), Joel Montalbano, NASA’s deputy ISS Program.
“We agreed with Roscosmos yesterday on a protocol of the approach, actually, through discussions with them, explaining what steps SpaceX has taken in order to ensure the safety.They asked for some additional steps where we would protect the space station, close another hatch or two, have the Soyuz, have the crew ready to go to the Soyuz. We agreed to do that”, Montalbano told a press conference, broadcast by NASA’s YouTube channel, on Thursday.
Last week, the US agency announced its plans to send the capsule, designed by private aerospace contractor SpaceX, UFO Caught on TV Zooming Over Cleveland, and You Won’t Believe NASA’s Response NASA officials then said that their Russian colleagues had concerns related to the US agency’s lack of a backup computer system to prevent Crew Dragon from colliding with the ISS if the vehicle goes dead.
The flight control teams were to finalize the procedures later that day, Montalbano pointed out.Crew Dragon, also known as Dragon 2, is a reusable spacecraft designed as a successor to the Dragon space freighter.Its launch atop the Falcon 9 rocket for the unmanned test mission is scheduled for 2:48 am EST (07:48 GMT) on 2 March. The spacecraft is expected to reach the ISS on 3 March.

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Knight Foundation increases investment in Miami’s arts groups

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has upped its stake in Miami-Dade’s arts community, announcing a $37-million investment. The funding of particular concern: losses to farmers and money needed to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base.
Inside one Florida company’s damaging data-security lawsuitLast June, an obscure Palm Coast firm briefly made national news for inadvertently exposing data on consumers and businesses to hackers. BP oil spill money to help FSU revive Apalachicola oyster industry Florida State University won permission to use nearly $8 million from the state’s BP oil spill fund on a project aimed at reviving Apalachicola’s beleaguered wild oyster industry.Opposing FSU’s bid: the oyster farming industry.Florida credit unions keep gobbling up banks Last week an Orlando credit union agreed to acquire a small bank in New Smyrna Beach, the third such deal involving Florida institutions so far this year.
SpaceX gets the OK from NASA to test its astronaut capsule in a March 2 launch.The next step in NASA’s plan to return astronauts to space from the U.S.has the green light to proceed.Florida Trend Video PickIs it a Bridge or a Causeway?Florida has thousands of bridges and causeways.

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NASA’s lunar orbiter captured Chinese Chang’e-4 probe for third time

(Web Desk) – The United States (U.S) space agency NASA on Friday asserted that its lunar orbiter has captured the landing site of China’s Chang’e-4 lunar probe for the third time, and this time with higher resolution.
According to NASA, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) passed approximately overhead the landing site of Chinese lunar probe on February 1, which gave a 0.
85-meter per pixel picture of the lander and Yutu-2 rover or Jade Rabbit-2 from an attitude of 82 kilometers.This view had close to the smallest pixel size possible in the current LRO orbit.NASA said the rover was 29 meters northwest of the lander, but the rover had likely moved since the image was obtained.The space agency stated that the LRO would continue to image the site as the lighting changes and the rover roves.Earlier on January 30 and 31, the LRO pictured the landing site for the first and second time respectively, but both in a slant angle, according to NASA.Chang’e-4 set down on a relatively small far side mare basalt deposit.NASA hoped that China’s probe could find out the composition of farside basalts with its visible near infrared spectrometer.China’s Chang’e-4 probe, launched on Dec 8 in 2018, landed on the Von Karman Crater in the South Pole-Aitken Basin on the far side of the moon on Jan 3.

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NASA selects 8th grader Pakistani girl for internship program

KARACHI – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected a 12-year-old Pakistani student for its internship programme.
According to details, Raadeyah Aamir, an 8th-grade student, will be attending NASA’s one-week internship programme.
Raadeyah Aamir is a student of British Overseas school in Karachi. She will beKARACHI  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected a 12-year-old Pakistani student for its internship programme.
According to details, Raadeyah Aamir, an 8th-grade student, will be attending NASA’s one-week internship programme.Raadeyah Aamir is a student of British Overseas school in Karachi.She will be leaving for NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre today to attend the internship program.The internship programme includes training for next-generation of space explorers in Astronaut Training Experience.Not only that, but Raadeyah will m also get a chance to land walk and drive on Mars through virtual and motion simulation, and conduct a spacewalk in a microgravity experience.The programme will also provide her with the opportunity to live and work on Mars for the day at the center’s Mars Base.
She will be working to solve base emergencies, program robots to optimize solar energy and sustain life in the botany lab, amongst other exciting things.The young Pakistani student said that it was her ambition to go to NASA and wave the flag of Pakistan.Sharing her happiness with the media, the young ambitious girl said that  “I am very much interested in space exploration and glittering stars in the galaxy. I want my country people to pray for my success in this regard”.

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