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Travel to Texas This Spring to See Record Numbers of Monarch Butterflies

Texas could see around 300 million monarch butterflies this spring following what Travel + Leisure described as “the biggest wildflower bloom.

So if you were considering a trip to Texas this spring, you have yet another reason to go.Every spring, bluebonnets bloom throughout central Texas, especially in Hill Country, a picturesque region outside of Austin thats also known for its vineyards. According to Southern Living, The region experienced an above average rainfall this winter, which could lead to a megabloom.The megabloom, in turn, is expected to attract a record numbers of butterflies during their migration from Mexico to Canada.Photo by Roberta Guillen on Unsplash“Figures show the highest number of hectares covered since at least 2006,” Craig Wilson, director of the USDA Future Scientists Program and senior research associate in the Center for Mathematics and Science Education at Texas AM, told Texas AM Today.

“Monarch numbers are usually measured in hectares, so that means about 15 acres are being used for their breeding grounds in northern Mexico. That’s a really positive sign, especially since their numbers have been down in recent years.According to Wilson, milkweed is essential for monarch butterflies, and luckily its in plentiful supply in central Texas. Hes encouraging Texas residents to plant milkweed in their gardens now.Hoping to see the wildflowers while theyre in bloom? Southern Living reports that the best place to see them is in Big Bend National Park, which is in the western part of the state on the Mexican border.Just dont be one of those tourists behaving badly who caused the closure of Lake Eslinor, California during the poppy superbloom.


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I prayed for Mexican food

I'm also a Mexican food person. My husband and sons laugh when I say that, because I usually only get cheese enchiladas — al-a-carte. They remind …

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La Crosse Distilling Co. chef hopes to create food culture

It’s a culture shock for me,” said Guzman, who was born in Mexico City and grew up in the Yucatan. He’s bringing those old town flavors to his new chef hopes to create food culture

Hes leading the La Crosse Distilling Co.s lunch and dinner tasting room.Everything is made from scratch with rustic street food on the menu mixing Mexican flavors with Wisconsin favorites.La Crosse is a learning curve.Its a culture shock for me, said Guzman, who was born in Mexico City and grew up in the Yucatan. Hes bringing those old town flavors to his new hometown.Its an opportunity and it can be frustrating. La Crosse is new to him, having moved here just six months ago when the distillery and restaurant opened.
But the kitchen is familiar territory.Hes worked in award winning restaurants across the country and was nominated as a semifinalist and finalist for the James Beard award, sometimes called the Oscars of the food world.I want to bring that to La Crosse. I want La Crosse to be a food destination, added Guzman.The restaurant is inside the distillery but Guzman doesnt want you to focus on imbibing. Theres more to La Crosse than drinking.Its just on the cusp of beginning to start something which is the reason I came.Jorge is giving back to his new community.He is participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters Catered for Kids Sake on Thursday, March, 7th. He is one of four chefs taking part and making dishes for guests to sample.

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Mawra Hocane Is Officially A Graduate!

Islamabad (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 6th March, 2019) Actress Mawra Hocane is officially a law graduate now. She recently cleared her law exams with flying colours, scoring the highest in Islamic Law, and is now an advocate besides an actor.
She recently cleared her law exams with flying colours, scoring the highest in Islamic Law, and is now an advocate besides an actor.This proves that the actress is not just beauty but is brain too as she had also received an Academic Achievement Award in law from The Institute of Legal Studies (TIL).She had her convocation at University of London attended by her parents as well.Wearing a pink outfit and graduation gown, Mawra looked every bit stunning on her big day.Mawra felt emotional as she walked to the stage to receive her degree.
Sharing the moment captured on camera, Mawra wrote a heartfelt note saying, A few moments in life are just so intense and profound that in that very moment one doesn’t know what to do with it.Mawra never really thought she would ever graduate alongside her career but she made it.I truly didn’t think I would ever graduate alongside my career but today while I walked on that stage all I felt was gratitude, so much gratitude for living this life, for having the best of all worlds, for all the love prayers all of you say for me, for all the faith my faculty has always shown in me! I’m just so so THANKFUL! #AlhumdulillahHere’s to many more achievements a life full of impossible mad dreams, Mawra wrote.Sharing a picture with her parents, Mawra said, These two humans looking at me with the shining light in their eyes on my graduation day trumps all the joys and emotions I have ever felt in my entire life.
Mawra felt lucky to have made her parents proud and gave a special shoutout to her mother who she says is the backbone of her family.P.s Mama I hope you know that you’re my inspiration my strength, you’ve pushed me to achieve more more in life. You’re the backbone of our family! We are who we are because of your vision persistence.I can never put to words how you have selflessly nurtured loved all of us! Love you!!!!!! she wrote.Friends, family and fans congratulated Mawra upon her graduation.
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