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Dramatic arts in the 21st century: Innovative schools for the contemporary student

Today’s digital revolution has ‘disrupted’ many professions – and the dramatic arts are no exception. While this shift has kept the industry moving, While this shift has kept the industry moving, prospective dramatic arts students must understand that to succeed in the field, they must choose a university that addresses the fast-paced changes occurring in the industry.
For example, budding actors must understand that advances in technology have increased human-computer interactions among actors, who in turn must adapt to the use of technology in the field. In a similar vein, the theatre industry has also changed, embracing digital technology, seen from the implementation of video and 3D projections, digital lighting systems and stop-motion camerawork, helping to improve the overall theatrical experience.
These are just some of the exciting advancements unfolding within the dramatic arts field in the 21st century.So how can aspiring actors transform the currents within themselves into a stellar performance on stage or camera? How can budding sound engineers gain the knowledge and skills needed to branch into the entertainment industry? How can would-be stage managers learn the technical skills and knowledge required to get from where they are to where they want to be?Source: The Guildhall School of Music and DramaRegardless of where your interest lies within the dramatic arts spectrum, here are four institutions that can help hone your talents to meet the needs of today’s modern-day dramatic arts UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (USC), SCHOOL OF DRAMATIC ARTSBudding actors looking for a strong undergraduate programme should consider USC’s School of Dramatic Arts’ Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Acting for Stage, Screen and New Media.
Located in the entertainment capital of the world Los Angeles, US this programme connects the foundation of classical theatre with innovative training for contemporary performing arts.Entrepreneurialism is key to actors finding work, so the school’s undergraduate performance degree has been redesigned with emphasis on refining skills for untraditional “digital opportunities”, such as ‘Camera and Improvisation’ and ‘Going Viral’, to help students succeed.
Apart from being able to generate a buzz by creating original material for social media, actors’ work can extend to include motion capture (or “mocap”), video games, voice acting, virtual reality and social media. No one understands this better than USC, who are among the first major universities in the US to embrace new media within its acting programme.The school also has a voice studio where actors can sharpen their vocal chops and learn the unique demands of animation and video game voice work.Source: USC School of Dramatic ArtsUSC offers a Summer Institute for International Actors; an intensive four-week summer training programme that combines rigorous acting courses with professional development opportunities for today’s emerging artists.
Developed in association with the Shanghai Theatre Academy, the programme presents concentrated courses in audition preparation, acting for the camera, vocal development, improvisation and physical comedy, as well as workshops with leading entertainment professionals. Outings to film studios and theatres immerse participants in the vibrant culture of LA.
The school’s experienced faculty and guest artists enable students to receive practical insights into their art and crucial experience of performing in real-world conditions. They also make professional contacts critical for starting a career.USC also has a range of programmes tailored to varied personal and professional interests, including a BA in Dramatic Arts, BFA in Musical Theatre, BFA in Design, BFA in Sound Design, BFA in Stage Management, BFA in Technical Direction and BA in Visual and Performing Arts Studies.Students who want to delve further into their craft can pursue an MFA in Acting, a three-year course that fuses two strands of actor-training: the classical conservatory-style that attunes the voice, body and intellect to the demands of text and performance; and an innovative physical approach that draws upon the work of artists of the past 50 years.

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Oscars chef cooks up a storm for the big night

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – They will nibble on Oscar-shaped flatbreads topped with smoked salmon and caviar, sip French champagne and sink their teeth into tiny chocolate Oscar statuettes.
Nothing is good enough for Hollywood’s elite who will be wined and dined after the Academy Awards on Sunday by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.Puck has catered the extravagant post-Oscars party  the Governors Ball  for decades, preparing thousands of dishes for the 1,500 guests, including the night’s winners, who attend the bash.We have been doing the Oscars for 25 years, which is really amazing, the 69-year-old chef told AFP on Thursday during a tour of his kitchen where he was prepping for the extravaganza.I remember the first time we did it, it was in downtown LA, at the Shrine Auditorium, he added. We built the kitchen in the parking lot, it was raining and windy, it was so difficult.

Now we have two state-of-the art kitchens, so it makes it much easier.Sunday’s menu, he said, will feature some classics that are always hits with partygoers, including wood-fired crispy flatbreads  6,500 of them  with creme fraiche, smoked salmon and caviar.Among the other 60 dishes on the menu this year will be spicy fried quail, black truffle chicken pot pie, Wagyu beef and agnolotti (a sort of ravioli) with black truffle and spring peas.We’ve got the black truffle from France, the Austrian-born Puck gushed as he showed samples of his dishes.People love the smell, and we make a thousand of them, so the whole dining room smells like truffle.On the sweet side, apart from the 24-karat dusted chocolate Oscars will be passion fruit and strawberry cookies, hibiscus orange pate de fruit and espresso macarons.

Puck, a regular on television talk shows, said no less than 35 pounds (16 kilograms) of black truffle, 350 pounds of Atlantic bigeye tuna and 250 Maine lobster will be served at the event.And while the caviar (a mere 33 pounds) and the quail (400) are from the US, the champagne (about 1,400 bottles) is from France and the Iberico ham (five whole legs) hails from Spain.

Puck, who worked in some of France’s top restaurants before relocating to the US at age 24, said the menu reflects the international flavor of the Academy Awards that honor movies and actors from across the globe.I really believe the movie industry is worldwide, he said.
They have movies in France, in Italy, in England, and now Mexico is really strong, they have Roma’.So our cooking here is a little bit like that.
We have influence from Asia, from Italy, France.In total, Puck — who heads an empire of restaurants stretching from Beverly Hills, to Las Vegas and Singapore — said he will be serving 16,000 individual dishes on Oscar night, including vegan dishes  enough to keep everyone satisfied through the evening.
Helping him prepare the feast are 200 assistant chefs who will be backed by 850 servers and 10 maitre d’s on Oscar night.

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Atif Aslam sings about love and separation in ‘Baarishein’

Singer Atif Aslam’s latest single ‘Baarishein’ is all about the pain of heartbreak. According to a report in Mid Day, the song is produced by T-Series’ Bhushan Kumar and is composed and written by Arko.
Speaking about the experience, Aslam said: Pushing my limits was certainly an experience because shooting while you are on a US tour is not easy at all.
Imagine performing almost five gigs a week coz weekends were packed and that too in different cities.Having said that, it was a lot of fun shooting in LA, doing last minute suit alterations and what not, the singer added.
The actor recalls another chilling but funny experience, After the rain sequence of the song was shot in the freezing LA weather at 2.30 am, the owner of the house refused to let Atif and me in.
He told us to dry ourselves outside and then come in. I guess he did not want to spoil his palatial mansion with Italian marble and such stuff.Atif and I went mental on hearing that we would not be let in when we were completely drenched and it was freezing 2019.

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