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What if Pakistan and India go to war?

Indian news studios have virtually turned into war rooms since the deadly Pulwama attack in India-occupied Kashmir on February 14.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has vowed to take revenge, giving a free hand to the Indian military to bring the perpetrators of Pulwama attack to justice.Analysts from different backgrounds and shades have been discussing and speculating options that the Indian army may take against Pakistan. Some suggest that the so-called surgical strikes that India claimed to have carried out after the Uri attack in September 2016 might not be an option since there was no element of surprise left in it.
Others have been talking about intelligence-based operations or using airpower to destroy the so-called ‘terror launch pads’ on the Pakistani side. Few even have the audacity to discuss the possibility of replicating the US commando-style raid to kill Osama Bin Laden.In one TV talk show, former India army, air and naval chiefs were invited along with a retired foreign secretary of the country. Given their firsthand experience, one expected that their perspective would be rational unlike those who often appear on TV channels.
But surprisingly they were all saying that talks were no more an option and that India must retaliate.Switch from one news channel to another, none of them are offering an alternative view.There appears unprecedented consensus in India on bashing Pakistan. The discourse on Indian TV is so venomous that even journalists who in the past had tried to maintain their independent views are now also toeing the same line.
Those who dare to ask questions about India’s own follies and failures are branded as traitors. Former Test cricketer and Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu faced the wrath of so-called nationalists after he only argued that an act of terrorism committed by few individuals does not mean the entire country is the culprit.Despite facing scathing criticism, the Congress politician stuck to his stance but in doing so he had to lose his job in a primetime comedy show hosted by Kapil Sharma. Farooq Abdullah, who is a known Kashmiri politician for having anti-Pakistan stance, was declared a Pakistan apologist when he contested the Indian claims that Islamabad was behind the Pulwama attack.
He insisted that blaming Pakistan would be a distraction from the root cause of the problem. He advised the Indian government to talk to the young Kashmiri people and find out the reason behind their growing alienation.Mehbooba Mufti,  former chief minister of Kashmir, is now accused of being a pro-Pakistani.Her only crime was that she favoured a dialogue with Pakistan and urged India to accept Prime Minister Imran Khan’s olive branch instead of resorting to any military action.Usually, artists and sportsmen stay away from politics. But this time around even they are also speaking the language of war.Some of the big names such as Saurav Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh have backed the calls for boycotting playing with Pakistan in the upcoming cricket World Cup in England. They are not only demanding severing all sporting and cultural ties but also seeking action against Pakistan.
But the history of Pakistan-India relations shows that dialogue is the only way forward. They went to the table after every time the two had gone to war whether in 1965 or 1971 or 1999.This has taught us one hard lesson that every war or conflict ultimately ends up at the negotiating table.Surely, India is angry and is bent upon taking revenge but eventually it will have to talk to Pakistan.India has a choice — talk to Pakistan now or after any ‘misadventure’. Saner nations would certainly opt for the former.

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Ashoke Pandit: Navjot Singh Sidhu can enter Film City, but we won’t work with him

After the Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association issued a statement on Thursday asserting that they have requested Sony Entertainment to terminate Navjot Singh Sidhu’s services from The Kapil Sharma Show, rumours were rife yesterday.
Archana Puran Singh with SharmaTalking to mid-day, IFTDA president Ashoke Pandit cleared the air: Film City cannot ban him from entering.He can move around in Film City as much as he wants, but our workers and technicians won’t work with him. This is an indefinite ban.
Ashoke Pandit The move comes in the wake of Sidhu’s comments regarding the Pulwama terror attack. The politician-anchor had stated that a nation cannot be held responsible for the acts of terrorists.With his comment sparking outrage across the country and fans demanding his ouster from Kapil Sharma’s comedy show, Sidhu went promptly missing from his anchoring duties. Although Archana Puran Singh replaced him in the last two episodes of the show, it remains unclear if she is a permanent fixture.The show’s producer Salman Khan and the channel have remained tight-lipped about Sidhu’s exit, so far.On his part, Pandit states that he has requested Khan to look into the matter.
We will boycott any show where Sidhu is participating. We have written to the channel as well Salman Khan.He is an intelligent man. He won’t do anything that hurts public sentiments.
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Navjot Singh Sidhu ALLOWED to enter Film City but won’t be given work, claims IFTDA

Navjot Singh Sidhu who has been facing a lot of flak lately for his comments on the ghastly Pulwama Terror Attacks was banned from entering the Film City by the Indian Films & Television Directors’ Association (IFTDA) after being replaced overnight.Now, the IFTDA Ashoke Pandit has come out in media and has denied that Sidhu was banned from entering the Film City.
He said that he can enter and move around in the area because no one can stop any citizen from doing so. Having said that, he reiterated the association’s stand on a life long ban on Sidhu and said that no one will work with him in future.The association has written to the channel and Salman Khan who is the producer of The Kapil Sharma Show to take strict action against Sidhu and even Kapil for supporting him. Navjot Singh Sidhu had said that terrorism has no religion and that how can innocents bear the brunt for a crime committed by a few? This was the statement which got him into this soup.
Although Salman Khan has been silent on this matter, Sidhu was replaced overnight with Archana Puran Singh. There is no official statement on this issue from the channel and it is not yet known if they will ever bring Sidhu back in the show.Kapil, on the other hand, denied that Sidhu was permanently replaced and said that replacing him would not solve the bigger problem and people should not fall for diversion tactics.In the wake of Pulwama attacks, the film industry has banned from releasing films in Pakistan and all their artistes are banned form working here.

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Kapil Sharma To Reportedly Reunite With Sunil Grover But There’s A Twist

Kapil Sharma and his show frequently top the list of trends and recently it was reported that his ex-colleague Sunil Grover will be joining him on The Kapil Sharma Show but not as a co-star.
Katrina Kaif will join them too Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover ended their collaboration in 2017 after a mid-air fight while flying home from Australia. After the fight, Sunil Grover quit The Kapil Sharma Show (previous season).However, months later, Sunil Grover said that if ‘God’s willing, he and Kapil Sharma will work together again,’ news agency IANS reported.In December, when Kapil announced the new season of The Kapil Sharma Show, Sunil Grover revealed that he had a’casual discussion’ with Salman Khan about joining the show but added that the dates were clashing with his Bharat schedule.Salman is also the co-producer of The Kapil Sharma Show. Meantime, Sunil Grover launched Kanpur Wale Khuranas with Kapil’s ex-colleagues like Ali Agar, Upasana Singh and Sugandha Mishra.Kanpur Wale Khuranas went off air recently.View this post on Instagram Sunil GroverDec 7, 2018 at 11:32pm PST”My own dates would have clashed with Kapil’s show as I am doing a film with Salman sir.
This show that I am doing for Star Plus fitted in the window that I had. But Salman sir did speak to me briefly about it (bringing two of us together).
We had a very casual chat about it but nothing much,” Sunil Grover said, IANS reported.View this post on Instagram Kapil SharmaJan 5, 2019 at 4:01am PSTLast week, The Kapil Sharma Show featured in headlines after the Internet demanded a ban on the show following Navjot Singh Sidhu’s controversial remark on the Pulwama terror attack.”For a handful of people, can you blame the entire nation and can you blame an individual?” he said, PTI reported. Later, it was reported that Archana Puran Singh has replaced Navjot Singh Sidhu on the show.#BoycottKapilSharma trended all of Tuesday, after Kapil Sharma reportedly said at an event that ‘banning or sacking’ Navjot Singh Sidhu from the show is ‘not a solution.'(With IANS and PTI inputs)Sooraj Barjatya’s Father Raj Kumar Barjatya Dies in MumbaiHere’s The Problem With Bohemian Rhapsody (And Every Musical Biopic Ever Made).

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