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How to Use Your Tax Return for Travel

Those looking to travel domestically could take a full two weeks to visit the Pacific Northwest (think: Seattle, Portland and the surrounding area.
Couples can spend a week in Sedona, Arizona hiking the red rocks, or lounge on the beach in Florida’s Key West, with airfares in the low $300s roundtrip from many East Coast airports, according to Jauntaroo.
International destinations are still a possibility for couples on a $2,400 budget, including getaways to Croatia, where roundtrip airfare can be found from $483 per person and hotels can be booked for less than $100 per night. (Sadly, outside the capital, there arent a ton of points hotel options.) Theres also Budapest, Hungary. Hunt for a roundtrip flight just over $400 and boutique apartment rentals for $60 per night on Airbnb.
$2,700 to $2,850For international vacations, Midwest residents can head to Spain from the Midwest for just $481 roundtrip per person, or take a quick flight to the island of Aruba for just $371, according to Skyscanner. Entire families can enjoy a trip here by using points to reserve a stay at one of the islands many great points properties.
Photo by Tashka / Getty Images.$3,000 to $3,150The average tax return has historically been about $3,000 per person, and most states land in this range, from Alaska to Georgia, Maryland and Nevada.It’s still a sizable return, and even travelers who don’t want to spend their entire tax return on a trip can find great options within this budget.For residents of Nevada, Alaska, or any of the other western states, the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington are a short flight and boat ride away.
The rural archipelago is filled with state parks and greenery, making it the perfect option for nature lovers who want to hike, kayak, swim or watch for orcas starting in May. Flights originating from the west can be as low as $103 per person, according to Skyscanner, and hotels on the islands usually run from $70 to $150 per night.For international locations, residents of the West Coast can fly to parts of South America in just a few hours. Flights from California to Sao Paolo, Brazil are usually less than $500 in May.
East Coast residents can turn to the British Isles for a great getaway, where flights to Scotland are $499 round trip and flights to London are just $341, according to Skyscanner. Travelers can splurge on the recently renovated Ritz-Carlton in London, or stay at the highly rated Hilton Metropole for less than $150 per night.(Cash in your points for an award night, and youll have plenty of your tax return left over for food, beverages and activities.)$3,700 to $3,850States in the Northeast see some of the highest average tax refunds, with Connecticut taking the number one spot of $3,844, according to Smart Asset.
Travelers in the highest tax return bracket could jet off to Bali for two weeks to visit ancient Hindu temples. Flights from New York City to Bali can get as low as $481 roundtrip in the month of May (though if you want to book something quick, its not difficult to find flights in the mid-$700s) and hotels run in the low hundreds per night.North African temperatures tend to be relatively mild in the spring, making it a great time to visit Morocco or Egypt (one of our top places to travel this April). Flights to Africa tend to run on the more expensive side, regardless of the time of year, but flights to Casablanca can be found in the low $600s roundtrip.Visitors can rent entire homes near Casablanca for roughly $50 per night — and some even include their own pools.For the latest travel news, deals and points and miles tips please .

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UH Hawaiʻi Island campuses explore indigenous arts program

“Evergreen has always inspired us and we’re here to celebrate this inspiration as we prepare to deliver our Hawaiian indigenous arts program. University of Hawaii at Hilo and Hawaii Community College delegation visited The Evergreen State College in Washington state to explore a model of an indigenous arts program at Evergreen’s Indigenous Arts Campus and Native Programs curriculum.UH Hilo and HawaiiCC delegation in the Fiber Arts Studio wearing Evergreen Indian throw.

We’re here at Evergreen on a mission, said Taupuri Tangar, professor of Hawaii life styles at HawaiiCC.Evergreen has always inspired us and we’re here to celebrate this inspiration as we prepare to deliver our Hawaiian indigenous arts program for the advancement of indigenous well-being.HawaiiCC will host a 2019 indigenous arts summer symposium as the first step in gauging community interest and support in the proposed program.

The proposed program will pilot a focus on indigenous arts in anticipation that it will grow into a two-year community college program with pathways to a four-year degree, says Gail Makuakne-Lundin, director of the UH System Hawaii Papa O Ke Ao and interim executive assistant to the UH Hilo chancellor. Hawaii Papa O Ke Ao is a UH work committee with representatives from each campus, that is tasked with helping to make UH a leader in indigenous education.The University of Hawaii welcomes ways to study indigenous cultures as contributors to society instead of simple observations of their art, added Makuakne-Lundin.Go to UH Hilo Stories for the full article.

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Travel Guides Season 3

This season our Guides will go further afield than before, exploring new destinations near and far including Hawaii, India, Argentina, Israel, Germany, …

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That is our greatest probability at Cup: Stajcic

Alen Stajcic believes the Matildas can overcome the drama over his shock axing and challenge for this year’s World Cup in France.
The FFA is deep into its search for a new coach of their national women team after controversially sacking Stajcic in mid-January.
While the fallout continues over the governing bodys decision, including possible legal action by Stajcic, there are fears it could harm Australia Cup chances.However, after breaking his silence on his axing on Monday, Stajcic insisted the Matildas have already proven their ability to triumph over adversity.They’ve had a lot of hardship over the years theyve had to overcome, Stajcic said.So look, if this is a hardship for some or most of the group, its another thing that theyll have to overcome.
But the positivity, the belief, that camaraderie, the unity within the group, is something that will get them through.Ive no doubt that theyre going to be a force at the World Cup.It is understood FFA is hoping to appoint a coach for the Cup of Nations that begins on February 28 one of three friendlies on home soil.The Matildas then travel to the United States in April for a warm-up against the Americans in what will be their final tune-up before heading to France.Asked for any advice for his replacement, Stajcic said: My advice is that its a great team with great potential.(This is) probably the best chance were ever going to have to win a World Cup.
When we think about football and the place that it has on the world stage and our place within it, this is is a precious moment for our country and our code.And one that I hope the same thing can really capture.Stajcic was almost in tears when describing the pain of missing out on leading the Matildas, ranked No.6 in the world, at the World Cup.
He revealed roughly 25 players had privately contacted him in a show of support, including a public endorsement from captain Clare Polking horne.I always hope the best for the players having spent that much time throughout their development, their progression from young players to adults, Stajcic said.Its not gonna be hard to watch them play.Any person who spent that level of intimate time with a group of people you just want to see them succeed.Sharing is caring!LinkedIn Submit a Comment Cancel reply Diabetic, 33, with erectile dysfunction hopes a ‘vampire penis injection’ will permit him to conceive 16 Information You Did not Know In regards to the Hiroshima Bombing Scientists Count Trash from Texas to Florida Recent Posts That is our greatest probability at Cup: Stajcic Reddit valued at $three billion after elevating $300 million in newest funding spherical Trump’s State of the Union pledge: Ending HIV transmissions by 2030 FETO member sentenced for mendacity about Azerbaijan journey Can Hormonal Beginning Management Have an effect on Your Skill to Decide up on Social Cues?Main scorers in English Premier League Hatchet wielding man robs grocery store in Melbourne’s inner-west Unique birds escape enclosure at Hawaii zoo About Us Contact Us Terms Conditions All Rights Reserved Infosurhoy LLC

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