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Greece’s first Travel Festival will take you around the world in just 2 days!

Travelers, travel lovers and travel enthusiasts meet once per year somewhere around the world in order to connect, engage and get inspired;It’s already popular in many parts of the world, in Greece though it’s very new.
Nevertheless, now it does exist thanks to Manos Lianopoulos, Travel Vlogger and owner of and TravelFest’s Founder.I personally know Manos for a few years now and I must tell you; he is hard-working (his videos are just amazing) and passionate about traveling! His drive and enthusiasm led him to introduce the concept of a Travel Festival to the Greek travel community.How it all began“I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that loves traveling and nature activities.
So, being myself a traveler became a way of life for me. In 2013 I created my YouTube channel where I started uploading video content from my trips.TravelFest came as a natural continuity, as the next step.”Manos describes TravelFest as a vibrant community and a space of exchanging ideas and experiences among like-minded people.
What people will find at TravelFestTravelFest can be also described as Travel TEDx. Guests can enjoy inspirational talks from all kind of travelers, watch interesting documentaries and movies, taste various flavors and have fun in Athens.“Besides, our slogan is ‘Meet the world in two days’”!Developing and creating a Travel Festival“It wasn’t easy, for sure not. It still isn’t.
On the one hand, you have to manage the speakers, who are all travelers, so bringing them together on specific dates and times can be tricky, as they are constantly on the go. On the other hand, you have to find the sources to financially support the festival.Given the fact that it is a new kind of project in Greece and taking into consideration the financial situation in Greece, you can assume that there are several barriers to surpass!”Favorite destination by nowI couldn’t help but ask Manos which is his favorite place by now; a place he has visited and absolutely loved. “The next one.Always the next one!”It may sound like a typical reply, but it is so true! The next trip, the next destination is always the best!“Nevertheless, to answer your question, I have to say the Alps. I just love to explore this land with my motorcycle and get wonderfully lost in its small-town alleys and green surroundings.I have been there twice and I would easily go again”.*TravelFest will be held in Athens in April 6thand 7th2019Check all the information you need to know in the link below (in Greek).

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ZEE5’s The Final Call is a good way to start work on the web space: Harshad Arora

Harshad Arora who will be debuting on the web space with The Final Call, based on Priya Kumar’s book for ZEE 5 gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.
Author: Editorial Team18 Feb,2019 12:23:5318 Feb,2019 Talented and handsome Harshad Arora looks forward to a positive response for his first digital outing with ZEE5’s series, The Final Call which is based on the book of Priya Kumar.Harshad who stole all the limelight for his work in Beintehaa has played lead roles in TV shows Dahleez, Mayavi Maling etc.Says Harshad, “I wanted to be part of this huge ensemble cast that the series was shot with. There are lot of great actors, and it is a big-budget show.We shot in really good locations. The story is very interesting.So all said and done, this is a good way to start work on the web space. The teasers that are out have come out well.Arjun Rampal plays the protagonist. But there are lot of other characters as per the book of Priya Kumar, “I Will Go With You’. I play an interesting character with respect to the story progression.”“I cannot really disclose much about the character.

The names of the characters have been adapted, and as you can understand, the book has different names. All I can say is that my character is one who is linked in the story pretty well.There are different stories running parallel in the series which are connected together in some way. The story is about life and death and the choices that we make.It has a very spiritual approach also. Lot of action and drama is involved,” he adds.
Harshad is happy to have been associated with a great technical team for the series. “Film Directors Vijay Lalwani and Nishikant Kamat have directed it.
The way they shoot and narrate the story is so different. The DOP was from London; there were people in the technical crew from Czech Republic, London, Greece, India, Pakistan etc.”Harshad plays the First Officer in the series and will play a full of life character. “He is a very lovable character.
The whole idea is that he comes across as a nice and cute guy who is full of life. He tries to play around with everybody.
”The young lad looks fit and sleek in his avatar in The Final Call. He states, “I have been working out very often.We cannot take our body for granted being actors. We need to look fit.Above all, I am playing a 25 years old character in The Final Call. So I had to look my character.”Harshad who has played the protagonist in his TV career says, “I loved the story. And in a web-series format, everybody has a small part.With such an ensemble cast like Arjun Rampal, Neeraj Kabi, Javed Jaffrey, Sakshi Tanwar, it was fun working with them. I really learnt a lot.”Harshad feels that television is unfortunately going through a bad phase right now. “The kinds of shows that are coming up on TV are the supernatural ones.I am really not looking forward to such kind of drama series right now. This was something different that was narrated to me.

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