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Florida State students curate exhibit of Polynesian women’s art

Florida State University’s College of Fine Arts and the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship Textile and Apparel Historic Costume Collection.
The exhibit, which opens April 4 at the William Johnston Building gallery, is the culmination of a semester of work by the Museum Objects class taught by Associate Art History Professor Kristin Dowell.In Dowell’s class, students learn about the history, practice and implications of displaying objects in museums and galleries. This hands-on opportunity gives students the chance to curate, design and mount pieces in an art show.One of the two large tapas made its way to the United States after a Samoan man gifted it to a U.S.Marine stationed in Samoa during World War II. The other barkcloth was collected by former FSU Professor of Art History Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk and added to the archive.Barkcloths are integral to the Polynesian culture as women express their creativity and artistic skill through creating and decorating the textiles. The barkcloths also play an integral role in the daily lives of the Polynesian people as they are transformed into cloths, grass skirts, mats and more.

The textiles are often sacred to social events including weddings, births and deaths.The work of the Polynesian women reflects the environment, culture, community, gender roles and art of their people.The pieces displayed are highly valued and many are an important aspect of ceremonial and cultural events.This vibrant exhibit will provide insight on the lives of the women who created the textiles and is a unique opportunity to learn about an important cultural tradition.An opening reception will take place from 5-7 p.m.Thursday, April 4, and the exhibit will run through Monday, April 22. The William Johnston Building gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

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Knight Foundation increases investment in Miami’s arts groups

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has upped its stake in Miami-Dade’s arts community, announcing a $37-million investment. The funding of particular concern: losses to farmers and money needed to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base.
Inside one Florida company’s damaging data-security lawsuitLast June, an obscure Palm Coast firm briefly made national news for inadvertently exposing data on consumers and businesses to hackers. BP oil spill money to help FSU revive Apalachicola oyster industry Florida State University won permission to use nearly $8 million from the state’s BP oil spill fund on a project aimed at reviving Apalachicola’s beleaguered wild oyster industry.Opposing FSU’s bid: the oyster farming industry.Florida credit unions keep gobbling up banks Last week an Orlando credit union agreed to acquire a small bank in New Smyrna Beach, the third such deal involving Florida institutions so far this year.
SpaceX gets the OK from NASA to test its astronaut capsule in a March 2 launch.The next step in NASA’s plan to return astronauts to space from the U.S.has the green light to proceed.Florida Trend Video PickIs it a Bridge or a Causeway?Florida has thousands of bridges and causeways.

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