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Facts / Tip to Save Our Life

Life is precarious, and nothing makes you appreciate that fact quite like generated list of potential death traps. Usually, no one expects to wake up and face a life threatening situation. It just happens. Knowing how to handle those dangerous situations could mean the difference between life and death. With that in mind, it makes sense to brush up on some safety and survival tips. In any situation, one person’s anxiety-provoking tip might be another person’s life-saving knowledge, ready to become a little safer your and others life. Here,10 quick facts that could save your life.

1. Duck Tap:

Duck tap is a tap, which used in daily life routine but in desperate situations, duct tape is our friend.

©tashasprinkles / instagram

2. Apple Vinegar- heal your burn skin:

©millyelizabeth_13 / instagram

3.Potato chips:


©dimentry_photographer / instagram



©fightbacktactical / instagram

5.Dog Attack:


attackdog911 / instagram

6.Natural Disasters:

natural_disaster_advocacy / instagram

7.Garbage bags:

©courtneycoxxo / instagram

8.Car Hacks:

© / instagram

9.Baking soda:

©evevandyck / instagram
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