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10 minutes morning exercise which help to reduce your weight

There are many benefits to morning workouts. As we know everyone wants to have fit and perfect body shape. Morning is the best time for weight reduction exercises and other benefits include improved sleep and promote to healthy life.
We are happy to introduce morning exercise which is easier to do and helps you to lose weight in just 10 minuets daily workout.

1. Heron

2. Stretching

© kristinmcgee / instagram

3. Sphinx + Cobra

© cryptonyta / instagram

4. Candle

© cernyfit / instagram

5. Embryo

© kristinmcgee / instagram

6. Bends

© kristinmcgee / instagram

7. Hummer

© kristinmcgee / instagram

8. Post with ropes

© michaelcvazquez / instagram

9. Roll

© owlmountyoga / instagram

10. Twisting

© thewarrioryogi / instagram

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10 Awesome free apps for workout at home

Today, we all are too busy with work, home and everything else up to the level, we tend to forget why we are doing it at the first place. If we do not take care of our body it just doesn’t matter wealthy we are. And going to gym everyday takes a lot of time from your daily schedule and it makes it significantly difficult to stay consistent with the daily gym routine.

Apps are great way to know everything about suitable exercises, right diet and it saves a lot of time, energy and money as you can all do it at your home, office or almost wherever you are.

Here are 10 great apps that can help you stay healthy and saves your tons of money from gym fees, car fuel, hassle and a lot of time. All of these apps are may not be always free but certainly worth the money.

1. Aaptiv



2. MyFitnessPal

3. Headspace

Meditation and other such exercises.

4. Keelo

5. Runtastic

6. Sworkit

7. Playbook

Sorry, we could not find any video which can explain about the app.

8. Pocket Yoga

9. Workout for Women

Sorry, we could not find any video.

10. Strava Training-Run & Ride

Let us know if any of these apps helped you.

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4 Minutes Workout to Lose Weight in Just 30 Days

Few exercises are always there to help you achieve your ideal weight in just 30 days. No matter how busy you are, you can spare just 4 minutes for your good health. We have shortlisted 6 exercises to help shape your ab muscles, shoulder muscles and tone your body in general.

1. Full Plank (1 Minute)

© apinyalife / instagram

2. Elbow Plank (30 Seconds)

© thesubrosa / instagram

3. Raised Leg Plank (30 Seconds)

© arasyzygy / instagram

4. Side Plank (30 Seconds)

© eni.d_ / instagram

5. Full Plank (30 Seconds)

© nadine_loves_photography / instagram

6. Elbow Plank (1 Minute)

© thesubrosa / instagram
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