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Xiaomi Mi 9: the company stopped sales of new smartphones

The Chinese manufacturer is unable to cope with the huge demand for Xiaomi Mi 9. Released last month, Xiaomi Mi 9 drew huge attention of buyers for their low price and simply monstrous performance that broke all records.
03.2019.24 on However, to buy a smartphone are lucky enough not to all. The excitement in China, the novelty has led to the fact that there is an acute lack of devices in retail and Xiaomi are simply unable to provide the market with the necessary quantity of mobile phones.This led to the fact that yesterday, Xiaomi made a statement about the suspension of sales of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Mi 9 Mi 9 SE and TE. As the official reasons for such a step described as inadequate the number of devices in warehouses.The company Xiaomi apologizes for the temporary suspension of sales of the popular smartphone Mi 9 because of the shortcomings of mobile devices in the warehouses of retailers. We deeply regret the incident and we hope this will not happen.
The start of the next sales well let you know – said in an official statement Xiaomi. Funny is the fact that at that time, the manufacturer is unable to meet the demand for its flagship smartphones, at the same time he declares his wish to refuse the release of the compact sub-fragment because of their low popularity.The companys promise to resume sales of the devices since March 19. But experts do not believe that in 3 days you can manage to fill the shortage of devices on the market, so it is possible that the suspension of sales could be delayed.

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