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Posts tagged as DIY

Garbage bags – transform into a raincoat

So its raining outside and you dont have rain coat so its not a big deal. We can use the garbage bag with simlpe DIY tricks to transfer garbage bag into a rain coat.

This will also save you from frost for longer Wrap yourself with bags, and put on as many clothes as you can on top.

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Baking soda – fire extinguisher

Baking soda is the contents of fire extinguishing, which means it can beat a small forest fire. With the combination of baking soda and vinegar we can beat the fire because carbon dioxide released in the reaction.
It is also a disinfectant. The solution of 1 letter water with 1 table spoon baking soda kill bacteria. So you can clean fruits and vegetable for bacteria with this solution.

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How to Clean Teeth with Baking Soda

Your teeth turning yellow so that’s not a big deal you can turn your teeth in to bright white color by using some natural ingredient. Make a paste of 1 table spoon soda and a half lemon. Apply the paste on your teeth with tooth brush. Apply it for 1 mint, then wash your teeth.
Note: Don’t use this paste daily.

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