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Make Black Forest McFlurry like McDonald’s at home

McFlurry is everybody’s favorite but their new version of black forest makes it more special. I personally love black forest cake and this version totally lives up all our memories connected to a black forest cake.
Black forest cake eggless / with egg contains chocolate cake, cherry fillings, and whipped cream. Well, this McFlurry takes black forest concept to the next level.
It consists of various components but together once its done, it’s absolutely delightful. So yummy that m sure you will make it again and again and again.
So let’s start with the process.
In this recipe, I made everything from scratch but you can certainly use some readymade things like vanilla ice cream or strawberry sauce or even fudge sauce.
But for those who like to make everything at home, you can keep these things in refrigerator for up 15 days so do not worry you can enjoy these things for a long time Readmore

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