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Indian govt must protect Kashmiris: SC

There have been several reports of Kashmiri students and businessmen being harassed or beaten up in recent days.
The Indian Supreme Court has also sought a response from the states where these alleged incidents happened. The attack has sparked anger and anti-Pakistan protests across India.
But in some cases the anger has been directed against Kashmiri people living in other parts of India.Hundreds of Kashmiri students, traders and businessmen have returned to Kashmir from various Indian cities out of fear that they could face harassment or attack.Many Indians have expressed sympathy towards the Kashmiri students on social media, with some offering shelter in their own homes.India has long had a volatile relationship with Muslim-majority Kashmir, where there has been a freedom struggle rule since the late 1980s.
The region has been a flashpoint between India and Pakistan since independence. Both countries claim all of Kashmir but control only parts of it.They have fought two wars and a limited conflict over the territory.The court’s decision singled out the federal government as well as governments in 10 states which are home to a sizeable Kashmiri population.
It asked authorities to widely publicise the details of officials who Kashmiris can contact if they face threats or violence. The order was in response to a petition seeking protection for Kashmiris living across India.
Tehseen Poonawala, one of the petitioners, told BBC that he was moved to act because he was disturbed after reading reports of Kashmiris being attacked. It’s not about Kashmiris.
It’s about human beings. We cannot be a country that responds with mob violence, he said.In the days following the attack, isolated incidents of students from Kashmir being beaten up or evicted from their accommodation in northern Indian states were reported in local media. Kashmiri Muslims were warned to stay vigilant and India’s Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) offered help to those in need, but also warned of false reports.
Twenty Kashmiri girls in the northern city of Dehradun were forced to lock themselves in their hostel after protesters gathered outside to demand their eviction, according to the Times of India. Two other colleges in the city issued public statements saying they would not admit Kashmiri students in the next academic year.
We did so to provide protection to the [Kashmiri] students, the college principal, Aslam Siddidqu, told BBC, adding that he had faced pressure from right-wing groups.Indian Union Education Minister Prakash Javadekar has denied that incidents have taken place involving Kashmiri students.
But a police official in Dehradun told BBC that 22 students had been arrested for protesting and demanding that Kashmiri students be expelled from colleges in the city.The attack has raised tensions between India and Pakistan, which have fought two wars and a limited conflict in the region and are both nuclear powers.India has moved to impose trade restrictions on Pakistan. It has also said it will build dams to reduce the flow of water to Pakistan from three rivers in India.
Similar plans were announced in 2016, after a deadly attack on an Indian base in Kashmir.The tensions between the neighbours may also have an impact on cricket, a national obsession in both India and Pakistan.Amid outrage over the attack, there have been calls for India to boycott its much anticipated match against Pakistan at the World Cup in June.SACK KASHMIRIS OR FACE CONSEQUENCESA farmers’ outfit in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar area has warned a sugar mill to throw out Kashmiri workers as soon as possible or face dire consequences.
According to Kashmir Media Service (KMS), the warning came just a day after rightwing groups threatened Mansoorpur Sugar Mill management to sack Kashmiri workers, reported The Times of India.The report said a farmers’ outfit, Bharatiya Kisan Union Tomar, warned Khatauli-based Triveni Sugar Mill to do the same or face consequences.
The report said there are 74 Kashmiris working in the mill.The management has sought three days time to deal with the matter, it reported.Vishal Ahlawat, a member of the outfit, warned if the mill did not sack the workers, they would remove them.After the threats to Kashmiri workers, the security around the mill has been tightened, the report said.On the other hand, India’s National Human Rights Commission has issued notices to the ministries of Home and Human Resource Development and the state governments of West Bengal, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, seeking reports over attacks on Kashmiris in wake of the Pulwama incident

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