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Studying in the UK? Travel for less than £40 this Easter break

The UK university academic year runs from September to June with a few weeks of break for Christmas and Easter.This year, Easter falls on 21 April, and UK university students enjoy a break of up to four weeks in the name of this Christian holiday.What better way to spend this time than to jet off for some unique travel experiences?If youve got a little cash to spare, here are our top picks for return flights (from who else, but RyanAir) that cost £40 or less:

1. London to Palma de Mallorca £30Grades dont matter hereat least for a while.Source: ShutterstockIn this Mediterranean city, April is the perfect month to explore the mountains inland or head for long walks along the sun-kissed beach. In this popular paradise, you can check out the best-known route from the Torrent de Pareis Gorge from Escorca to the sea, or if youre feeling more adventurous, head to a national park located on the small, uninhabited Cabrera Islands.For beaches, you cant go wrong with Playa de Formentor and Es Trenc.

2.London to Faro £30Fasinating cultural history meets old-town charm. Source: ShutterstockFaro is the gateway to Portugals alluring south coast.The capital of the Algarve is a vibrant city that offers something for everyone. Whether your mates are into Roman ruins or the regions shellfish gastronomy and unspoiled beaches, youll find it here in this seriously underrated European travel destination.

3. London to Budapest £36Beers on wheels.Source: ShutterstockIn true Jack Whitehall-style, this is the city where you can ride a beer bike (and try Unicum liqueur), find magic at the House of Houdini and take a boat down the river Danube all within one city!

4. Edinburgh to Copenhagen £35Rides, games, musicals, ballet, concerts and more! Source: ShutterstockTivoli Gardens, the world’s second-oldest amusement park, opens again in early April after a long winter break.Get your adrenaline fix from its massive selection of rides, bask in its sumptuous architecture and relax in its gorgeous gardens. Copenhagen is also home to the oldest university and research institution in Denmark, and the second-oldest institution for higher education in Scandinavia.A visit to some of its world-class museums is also a must!

5. Manchester to Ibiza £36Source: ShutterstockApril may not be the most obvious time to go ther but with winter firmly over and summer ready to take off, its definitely one of the most beautiful times of year to visit the island.
Though less bars, restaurants, boats and even the roads will be open, this is peaceful downtime that could do a lot of good for your tired soul after all the hard work this semester.

6.Manchester to Alicante £40Sun, sea and sand. Source: Shutterstock Every student needs a rejuvenating rest once in a while.
In Alicante, youll find a good dose of this with its long stretch of white, sandy beaches to while away the hours without a care in the world. If you have major cash to splash, head to the SHA Wellness Clinic for your pick of high-tech, whole-body wellness treatments.
Kick back and relax, whatever your budget. You deserve it!

7.Birmingham to Warsaw £30 Beautiful houses on the royal road in Warsaw. Source: ShutterstockPolands intellectual centre is perfect for those looking to get their brain juices flowing.Whether youre into history (Museum of the Warsaw Uprising or Laze in Royal Łazienki Park), urban beauty (UNESCO-listed Old Town) or culture and architecture (Palace of Culture and Science), here, you can have your cake and eat it too!8.Leeds to Dublin £30One colourful and lively street you shouldnt miss.

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How luxury travel is changing in 2019

While interest in “wellness” has been in vogue for a while now, the idea of travel as sparking a personal journey that continues on your return home ,The lasting personal fulfilment of travel comes from what you learn when you’re away and how it informs your life when you return.One of the keys to our approach is that we see travel as part of a hierarchy of personal need, with self-actualisation – that is, being the best person you can be – at the top. It’s about going to a place and having an experience that changes you, that you hold onto in some way after returning home.
For instance, a client might come to us looking to reconnect in their personal relationships. What better way to gain a fresh perspective on the truly important things in life than a homestay with a family of Mongolian nomads, who continue to live a traditional way of life unchanged over the centuries.Or if the client is looking for inspiration to achieve a better work-life balance, we might suggest an itinerary based in Copenhagen, famous for its healthy working culture.People want more from their holidayOn a basic level, people are using travel as a way of reacting to the increasing stress and mundane repetition of daily life – often in a city, working 9-5 in a job that is as confining as it is mind numbing.
They want to experience something not only different, but also transformative.That’s why we always ask clients what we can do to help them bring back what they’ve learned while on a trip with us, rather than just sending them off to lie on a beach – although there’s a place for that too.In practice, that might mean reinvigorating your creativity by spending time embedded with artisans in Marrakech’s design district, or transforming your approach to healthy eating with macrobiotic cooking classes in Ibiza.It’s no longer something to whisper aboutThe consumer has never been more self-aware and open about their desire for personal growth through travel.
Even five years ago, it wasn’t as talked about, but now it’s far more acknowledged, and even celebrated. Nowadays, our clients are asking specifically for wellness and self-improvement that goes beyond your basic yoga retreat. At Black Tomato, we’ve recognised this trend towards personal enrichment as a reason in itself to travel with a new service called Bring It Back, which offers highly-tailored itineraries focussing on themes like creativity, entrepreneurial-ism, family, sustainability and wellness. Each itinerary is designed to give clients’ a truly life-changing experience, with the help of known authorities and true experts in their fields.For instance, on our sustainability-focussed Peru experience, client visit organic farms and learn from people like “The Potato Whisperer” Manuel Choqque, who supplies world-class chefs. And, of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to feast on traditional dishes.
Luxury fitness club chain Equinox has responded to this growing thirst for meaning by expanding into hotels and bespoke travel experiences which take a holistic approach to fitness. This could mean starting the day with a personalised training session and ending it meditating on a mountaintop.Elsewhere, immersive tour specialist Journeys Within meets this search for meaning with tailored travel itineraries which go beyond sightseeing, offering clients a chance to meet local people and get involved in projects which give back to the community.In 2019, more and more destinations, hotels and experience providers are realising that they have the power to connect with their customers on a deeper level and offer a truly enriching experience.

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