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Darren’s fast-food revolution

At the age most people start thinking about saving for retirement, Darren Love-ll changed countries and careers.He talked to Tracey Roxburgh ahead of opening his restaurant, which is full of love,New Kiwi couple off to compete for NZ New Kiwi couple off to compete for NZ Awarded Kiwi citizenship only last week, a Queens town couple are heading overseas to play ice hockey for their new country.Peak to Peak changes hands Peak to Peak changes hands After 25 years, iconic Queens town multi sport race Peak to Peak has had a baton handover.

Reports one trapped after head-on crash near Gibbston Reports one trapped after head-on crash near Gibbston Police are racing to a head-on crash between two vehicles near Gibbston. Airport company cleared to acquire disputed land Airport company cleared to acquire disputed land Queens-town Airport Corporation has been cleared to acquire a contentious piece of land, known as Lot 6, which has tied up court time for more than eight years.Lobby group near end Lobby group near endA group set up to lobby on behalf of Queenstown’s town centre will likely be wound up within months.Overnight road closure at Victoria Bridge Overnight road closure at Victoria Bridge Strengthening work is about to begin at the Victoria Bridge, on the Queens town side of the Kawarau Gorge, which will require an overnight road closure.

Scale of land sale upsets opponents Scale of land sale upsets opponentsA Queenstown resident representing a group opposed to the development of a slice of woodland above the town says he does not think people realise the scale of what is proposed.Survey of workers elsewhereSurvey of workers elsewhereWhile a visitor levy is seen as a panacea to Queenstown’s many problems, there are moves afoot to create an economy that does not rely solely on the tourist dollar.Sharing grief but feeling support-sharing grief but feeling support.The tragedy of Christchurch’s terror attack has hit him harder than most, but Ashiv Khan still considers New Zealand his home.Airport activates emergency services Airport activates emergency services.Queenstown Airport emergency services were activated yesterday morning after the pilot of a light aircraft raised concerns on approach.

Footage sought of crash down bankFootage sought of crash down bankQueenstown police are appealing for CCTV footage as they investigate a serious crash in which a woman was trapped for several hours down a bank.Car crashes into tourism premisesCar crashes into tourism premisesQueenstown police have charged a man with dangerous driving, after he allegedly crashed a car into a town centre tourism premises.Thousands gather for vigils Thousands gather for vigils in Queenstown, Wanaka”As a country we are bewildered, we are in shock, and we are in disbelief.”Accused pair granted name suppression Accused pair granted name suppressionTwo Queenstown residents charged in relation to an assault in Cow Lane last week have been granted interim name suppression.

Allegedly assaulted by gang members Allegedly assaulted by gang members Gang members are alleged to have assaulted two men in separate incidents in Queens-town early on Sunday.Car smashes into segway tour operation Car smashes into segway tour operation Queenstown Police have charged a man with dangerous driving after he allegedly crashed into a town centre tourism premises.Builder put in voluntary liquidation Builder put in voluntary liquidation.A Queens town building company has been placed in voluntary liquidation, but the licenser says all homes being built will be reassigned to another contractor.Aussie stones window over restaurant service Aussie stones window over restaurant serviceAn Australian tourist unhappy with ”the service he received” at a Queens-town restaurant on Sunday night has been charged with willful damage.

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A change of culture in parliament needed – Ghahraman

Race Relations Day provides an opportunity to celebrate and experience many of New Zealand’s more than 200 ethnic communities. Green Party Human Rights spokesperson Golriz Ghahraman is pushing for change in the culture in parliament and MPs using it as a platform to launch racial attacks on immigrants.

Source –  Golriz Ghahraman arrived here a scared 9-year-old after fleeing the conflict of her home Iran in search of freedom and Friday, the 15th of March, was a stark reminder of those times and New Zealand’s darkest day.  However, some in Māoridom see it differently. Ghahraman is calling for a change in the culture of parliament and wants MPs to stop the hysteria and fanning the flames of division against immigrants. The theme for Race Relations Day 2019 is ‘Te Rā Whanaungatanga’ our people, our cultures, our languages. The spokesperson for the Greens on human rights Ghahraman says, “It did remind me as well that there were among the victims were people like me who actually fled persecution and in some cases really serious war.”I wanted us to all accept that it’s coming from across the whole house and for us to stop now and just don’t play that kinda Donald Trump politics of hate and division.

“My people feel it out on the street. Every time you blame migrants or refugees or Muslims for click-bait, our kids are going to school and consuming that hate.”Professor Tom Roa had this to say about past terror acts that have happened to Māori, “The Māori world remembers the theft and killings at Parihaka, and at Rangiaowhia, and onward to the land wars against colonial soldiers at Te Rata, and at Waerenga-a-Hika, and elsewhere around the country.”The events in Christchurch are distressing.

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Pakistan flag to fly at half-mast today in memory of New Zealand martyrs

ISLAMABAD: The national flag will fly at half-mast today (Monday) across the country in reverence of the martyred and injured in the New Zealand mosque attacks.
The government and people of Pakistan stand united and extend solidarity to the grieved families, the notification read.
Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry also tweeted and said, “As New Zealand prepares to bury mosque victims, Pakistan flag half-mast today.””Dialogue among civilisations is only way forward.Rise of hate mongers on the world stage is making world unsafe. Liberalism needs evolution,its academia’s responsibility to think of solution,” he added.
Addressing a press conference on Sunday, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said he had spoken to New Zealand foreign minister on phone on length, after 50 people, including nine Pakistanis, were shot dead by a 28-year-old right-wing extremist who attacked two mosques in Christchurch: the Al Noor Mosque, and another mosque in the suburb of Linwood. Nine Pakistanis martyred in New Zealand mosque attacks 50 people lost their lives in terror attack on two New Zealand mosques in Christchurch on Friday The process of handing over bodies of victims to their respective families would begin today, Qureshi had quoted the New Zealand foreign minister as saying.
The New Zealand foreign minister said the identification of bodies has been completed.Qureshi said the New Zealand foreign minister had informed him that an investigation into the gunman’s motives is under way.“The Pakistan High Commission in New Zealand is making all efforts for the affected Pakistani families. The families of six of the martyred want to bury their dead in New Zealand, while three have expressed wish to bury their dead in Pakistan,” he further said.

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New gun laws will make New Zealand safer after mosque massacre, says PM Ardern

CHRISTCHURCH: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday she would announce new gun laws within days, after 50 people were killed in mass shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

Tarrant was remanded without a plea and is due back in court on April 5 where police said he was likely to face more charges.Fifty people were killed and dozens wounded at two mosques in Christchurch on Friday.Gun City owner David Tipple said the alleged gunman bought four weapons and ammunition between December 2017 and March 2018.“The MSSA, military-style automatic, reportedly used by the alleged gunman was not purchased from Gun City.Gun City did not sell him an MSSA, only A-category firearms,” Tipple told a new conference in Christchurch.Under New Zealand gun laws, A-category weapons can be semi-automatic but limited to seven shots.
Video of a gunman in one mosque showed a semi-automatic with a large magazine round.Tipple said the online purchases followed a police-verified online mail-order process and A-category firearms were bought in three or four purchases.“We detected nothing extraordinary about the license holder. He was a brand new purchaser, with a brand new license,” he said.Tightening New Zealand’s gun laws was at the top of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s agenda as she met with her cabinet on Monday for the first time since the massacre.The shock of the attacks has led to calls for an immediate tightening of laws to restrict access to some firearms, particularly semi-automatic weapons.“What the public rightly are asking right now is why is it and how is it that you are currently able to buy military style semi-automatic weapons in New Zealand, and that’s the right question to ask,” Ardern told TVNZ earlier on Monday.“There are ways we can bring in affective regulation of firearms that actually target those we need to target and that is our focus.”Gun City owner Tipple said he supported Ardern’s call for gun law reforms as the Christchurch shootings had raised legitimate concerns.New Zealand, a country of only 5 million people, has an estimated 1.5 million firearms. The minimum age for a gun license is 16, and 18 to own a semi-automatic weapon.A Radio New Zealand report, based on police data secured through an Official Information Act request, said more than 99 percent of people who applied for a firearms license in 2017 were successful.A New Zealand standard A-category firearm license is issued after a police and background check.No license is required to buy a large round magazine, which can be illegally modified for use in such a weapon.Only firearm owners are licensed, not weapons, so there is no monitoring of how many weapons a person may possess.
New Zealand’s top online marketplace Trade Me Group said it was halting the sale of semi-automatic weapons in the wake of Friday’s attack.BURIAL Frustration was the first signatory of a national condolence book for the country’s worst mass killing that she opened in the capital Wellington on Monday.
“On behalf of all New Zealanders, we grieve together.
They are us,” she wrote in the book.Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha said the first body was approved for release on Sunday night, but the family was yet to take the body because another relative was also killed and they wanted to collect them together. He said there would be no burials on Monday.
‘NZ attack grim reminder of Islamophobia sweeping the world’“We’ve been working fairly hard through the night to ensure the process of returning the deceased to their loved ones is taking place expediently,” he said.The burial process, which usually involves washing with three kinds of water, salving wounds and scrubbing skin, would be complicated, volunteers in Christchurch said.
Mo, a volunteer who had flown in from Brisbane to wash the bodies, said the people who died in the mosques were classified as martyrs. That meant there were different views as to whether they would be washed or not because he said Islamic jurisprudence said martyrs are not to be washed as their blood was witness to their martyrdom.“But some people have said because it was not a battlefield it is okay to wash the body. But it is at the discretion of the family,” said Mo.
He asked to be identified by just one name.Death toll of Pakistanis martyred in NZ mosques massacre rises to nineThe two mosques involved in the shootings have been closed since the massacre, but are expected to reopen by Friday prayers after cleansing blessings were carried out, said Haumaha.“This morning we conducted two important blessings at the Deans Avenue mosques and the Linwood mosque,” he said.“This blessing this morning gave them (the Muslim community) huge confidence.We hope to have those premises in place by the end of the week to allow our Muslim community to go back and undertake prayer.

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