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UK fashion brands battle for China’s growing market

Over the next week Shanghai Fashion Week will fill the city with models, designers and buyers. “They are sophisticated, well-travelled and demanding in quality and newness.”Pricing is also a concern. While wealth is rising, hefty import taxes drive the cost of Western luxury labels beyond the reach of many.”British fashion designers are still at a slightly higher price point,” WWD’s Mr Zhang says. He says while spending power is rising, Chinese consumers are not yet as willing to spend on designer clothes as they are on shoes and accessories.
The competitive threat from local talent is also mounting. There are big names like Angel Chen and Shushu/Tong, along with emerging designers like Caroline Hu and 8on8, all set to gain plenty of attention in Shanghai.”There are more and more upcoming Chinese designers taking the international stage,” says Pedder Group’s Ms Yu. “They give a fresh perspective.”

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Zuckerberg to meet with UK culture secretary

Mark Zuckerberg is to meet with the UK’s culture secretary at the company’s headquarters in California on Thursday. It follows 18 months in which,It follows 18 months in which the founder refused to address a parliamentary committee investigating accusations of significant failings at the social network.
The BBC understands Jeremy Wright will be given about 30 minutes of Mr Zuckerberg’s time. Mr Wright told the BBC he hoped to discuss ways to prevent online harm has been under intense scrutiny since the family of the British teenager Molly Russell claimed she took her own life after viewing material which glorified suicide on their photo sharing site, Instagram. Good reason to engage.The UK delegation, which includes minister for digital and culture Margot James, will also have spent time at Google, YouTube, , Pinterest, Apple, Snap and Tinder.
Mr Wright told the BBC he hoped the eventual proposal would become a model for other countries looking to temper ’s negative impacts. “So there’s good reason for these companies bit or any other to engage with us at this stage,” he said,No co-regulation Mr Zuckerberg did not, however, choose to engage with a DCMS committee during an 18-month investigation that . The report suggested the company knowingly violated data privacy and competition laws.One comment went as far as to describe the firm as being like a “digital gangster”. “The period of time that we’ve been through, where we’ve simply urged social media companies to do better and left them to regulate themselves, is a period that’s now coming to an end,” Mr Wright said,The BBC understands that former UK deputy prime minster Nick Clegg, recently appointed as ’s head of communications, will not be attending the meeting. In the past, Mr Clegg has spoken of his desire to produce “co-regulation” with governments, an approach Mr Wright said he did not plan to embrace.“It’s not a phrase I would use,” he said. “If regulation is what’s needed, only governments can produce it.”

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China closes its Everest base camp to tourists

China has closed the base camp on its side of Mount Everest to visitors who don’t have climbing permits. Authorities have resorted to the unusual move to deal with the mounting waste problem at the site.
It stated that three clean-up operations last spring had collected eight tonnes of waste, including human faeces and mountaineering equipment climbers had left behind.
‘Everesting’ on Mount EverestEverest’s Hillary Step: Has it gone or not? Legendary climber dies near EverestThis year’s clean-up efforts will also try to remove the bodies of mountaineers who have died in the so-called death zone above 8,000m, where the air is too thin to sustain life for long. Due to the cold and high altitude, these bodies often remain on the mountain for years or even decades.

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Valentine’s Day: India college row over ‘virginity tree’ ritual

Female students at a college in the Indian capital, Delhi, are demanding an end to a ritual that sees male students hang condoms filled with water from a tree and pray to “curvaceous goddesses” in the hope that it will help them lose their virginity.
” Prof Vijayan agrees that women’s participation in the festival is very low and says he’s heard some women say that they are uncomfortable with the way it is conducted.
But he says he’s not comfortable with “any type of puritanical ideas” and suggests that they continue with the puja but modify it.”I think the female students should be more flexible and instead of demanding a ban, they should take it over and redesign it the way they want to.
“Unfortunately, at the moment it is done as a celebration of machismo. It should be made more inclusive so that women could participate as those who also desire, and not just as the desired.
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