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7 Business Lessons from Game of Thrones

We all have watched Game of Thrones and it is truly remarkable job done by GOT team but mainly by the writer. How he establishes a fiction on common known life parameters and make us believe up to a point that we all loved it.

In this post we have outlined 7 business lessons from Game of Thrones.

1. Whatever you sell, Always meet the ends

When we are in business and we deal with various kinds of people everyday, often, we bend the our business rules to close a deal(may due to frustration of meeting targets) or to just facilitate a good prospect. But, these kind of situation mostly doesn’t come to an happy end and deal fall apart, just because you have setup a perspective (plot) and did not comply with all the key factors.

For Example: A prospective client reach out you for your product  or service and you start from building a enrich history of company, experience, great product, etc. But you ask for a small price which is below than average (may be you are behind your targets and desperately want to close this client).

From Game of Thrones, we have learnt that it doesn’t matter the degree of fiction in your story(pitch, profile, etc.), once you have setup the plot just stick to it.

2. People believe on people / companies / products with rich history

Daenerys Targaryen or Khaleesi was only able to succeed (until John Snow killed her) because she had a rich history (from her father King Aerys II Targaryen known as “Mad King”), which lends her credibility and a foundation for people to believe on her.

Always have a rich story for your potential customers and do not forget to tell everyone. It’s your mantra which make people to believe in you.

“Breaker of Chains”

Highlight the problem that you solve and own your speciality.

“Mother of Dragons”

Focus on your strength and be really good at it.

3. There is NO ultimate strength

Image the world of Game of Thrones and that world if you have 3 dragons, you think it’s the ultimate strength that no one can compete (at least, i though so).

Never underestimate your market, competitor or overestimate your great product, service, company, team, etc. There is always room for being smart, think out of the box takeover the market.

4. Stay consistent, patient and focused, even you have ultimate strength

Once again, Khaleesi had dragons and she could do everything at once (theoretically). But, it didn’t go that way she has to struggle at every step to make gradual progress to achieve her goal.

I believe, this is the place where theory of comes in play. People like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, who are born lucky and never had to put in the struggle every entrepreneur do everyday. And if you are not one of these 1% you will have to stay consistent, focus and make your way over the period to time to succeed.

5. You world is as big as many people you have around you

We do not have to be world famous in order to be famous or to hold subject authority to influence our potential market.

There is a different world of every person and it based on the people around him and how they deal with each other, what they talk about, what the things they are influenced with?

You just have to carefully target a very specific audience and in some cases seduce them to get to buy.

6. You are destined for Greatness, Don’t lose hope

Life is hard and many times we tend to lose hope and its true with every entrepreneur but we have learnt from the Arya Stark that you have to keep moving forward. If she would have stopped or ran from the difficulties that she has faced, she would not be able to successfully kill White Walker.

And would not have achieved greatness. So, don’t quit, keep moving forward.

7. You can make people to believe on miracles as long as you build a rich story

Game of Thrones made us believe on White walkers, Melisandre – “The Red woman” and how John Snow raised from the dead and many other fantasies just because GOT has a very deep rooted story and every juncture holds a intense history which make us love the show.

Nurture your pitch with real life facts, problems and how you have overcame the challenges to make best of your experience, high quality product or how you managed to get great partners or market goodwill and finally why you are best chance for your potential customer.



“Your success mostly depends on your roots in the market (society) or comparative upgrade in existing approach”

Creating altogether a new regime is always difficult and massive marketing push to incredible brand loyalty you will always two primary success factors.

First, your market equity means how many people aware of your brand? and what social equity you cpitalize to build your business. Such as a know brand, of famous people associated (industry relevant) will add massive value your business and become fundamental success factor.

Second, Do not innovate, too far from the center. Every business evolve and you should not be ahead of time or back in time while designing your products and services. Adopt a new approach to slightly improve existing products and services.

Just like Brandon Stark, who holds slight edge to every other candidate for becoming king, not entirely unknown person but someone with additional insight to the history. But never forget the role of Tyrion Lannister, who did a great job defining the persona and potential outcomes.

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