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Audain Prize for BC artists increased to $100000

Michael Audain didn’t think it was enough. So he increased the lifetime achievement award for a B.C. artist to $25,000 and then $30,000. Doris and Bill Reid did the Arts of the Raven exhibition (at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1967), and that really started to change people’s concept of the value of First Nations art, said Audain.
The same at the National Gallery. The National Gallery until very recently ignored the artistic achievements of Indigenous people, right across the country.Audain is encouraged by the high number of students pursuing visual arts degrees at universities around the province. So the Audain Foundation will also be funding five $7,500 travel grants for students in university-level visual arts programs.I believe it is terribly important for a young artist to see art, to be able to travel, he said. I never took a course in art in my life after elementary school, but I’ve always enjoyed the ability to go and use my eyes and look that’s how I developed my appreciation of art.
I think it’s important that young artists have the ability to do that. You can’t discover art just by looking at books and iPads, you’ve got to let the artist communicate with you directly.The Audain Foundation has handed out over $120 million in grants since it was established to support the visual arts in 1997. The Audain Art Museum in Whistler was opened in 2016 and showcases B.C. art from the late 18th century to the present.
The next Audain Prize will be given out Sept. 23, at a location to be determined.
Past Audain Prize recipients include: Ann Kipling, E.J.Hughes, Eric Metcalfe, Gordon Smith, Jeff Wall, Liz Magor, Robert Davidson, Rodney Graham, Marian Penner Bancroft, Takao Tanabe, Gathie Falk, Fred Herzog, Michael Morris, Paul Wong, Carole Itter and Susan Point.First Nations masks are displayed behind glass as a man walks past “The Dance Screen (The Scream Too)” — a red cedar panel by Haida master carver James Hart, at the Audain Art Museum in Whistler, B.C. on Sunday December 2, 2018.Nestled into a crop of towering trees in one of Canada’s most popular skiing locales lies an astonishing collection of British Columbian art.

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