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People Tree work with BBC Earth to educate the general public.

As part of a wider outreach to address the impact of the fashion industry on the planet, they have collaborated with People Tree on a collection of  BBC Earth, which is part of the BBC Natural History Unit, is one of the largest documentary production houses in the world.
Their recent collaboration with Ocean X for Our Blue Planet started a global conversation about our oceans which has reached over 200 million people worldwide. A similar campaign highlighting the effects of the fashion industry could be just as far reaching.The channel is increasingly proactive in a mission to unveil the devastating consequences our desires for convenience and consumption are having on our habitat.During London Fashion Week, BBC Earth launched its #SustainableME campaign in a partnership with Amy Powney of fashion brand Mother of Pearl.
Their short film Can Fashion Be Sustainable? reminds us how fast fashion and our daily clothing consumption is threatening the biodiversity of the planet.Julia Kenyon, Global Brand Director for BBC Earth said: “In launching Sustainable Me we wanted to show people how the choices they make as consumers can shape the future of our planet.The way we currently manufacture and consume clothes places our oceans under pressure but we can be a part of the change by being more mindful in the way that we consume.”The People Tree collaboration is in tune with the #SustainableME-pledge: consider every purchase; avoid fast fashion; repair and repurpose; buy quality and consume less.

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