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Chinese shares slip over Fed dovish stance at next meet

Chinese shares edged lower on Tuesday as investors took profits after major stock indexes closed near 6-1/2 month highs in the previous session, but the downside was limited by the expectation that the U.S.
Image Credit: Pixabay investors took profits after major stock indexes closed near 6-1/2 month highs in the previous session, but the downside was limited by the expectation that the U.S. Federal Reserve would take a dovish stance at its meeting this week.At the midday break, the Shanghai Composite index was down 0.22 per cent at 3,089.50. China’s blue-chip CSI300 index was down 0.37 per cent. Both indexes closed near 6-1/2 month highs on Monday.
Hong Kong fell 0.46 per cent to 11,620.81, while the Hang Seng Index was down 0.25 per cent at 29,334.61. The smaller Shenzhen index was unchanged for the day and the start-up board ChiNext Composite index was higher by 0.12 per cent. Investors are looking to the Fed policy meeting to see whether policymakers have sufficiently lowered their interest rate forecasts to more closely align their “dot plot”, a diagram showing individual policymakers’ rate views for the next three years.
In contrast to broader market declines, nuclear power-related stocks surged after environmental impact assessments (EIA) for two nuclear power plant projects were submitted for approval to regulators on Monday, a vital stage in the resumption of China’s atomic energy programme after a three-year halt in new approvals. State-owned China National Nuclear Power jumped as much as 10 per cent to its highest since April 2018, before trimming gains.
It was last up 2.29 percent.Around the region, MSCI’s Asia ex-Japan stock index was weaker by 0.05 per cent, while Japan’s Nikkei index was down 0.16 per cent. The yuan was quoted at 6.7162 per U.S.dollar, 0.04 per cent weaker than the previous close of 6.7135. The largest percentage gainers on the main Shanghai Composite index were Lanzhou LS Heavy Equipment Co Ltd, up 10.09 per cent, followed by Hunan Chen Dian International Development Co Ltd, gaining 10.04 per cent, and Beijing Teamsun Technology Co Ltd, up by 10.04 per cent.CGN Power Co LtdChina Gas Holdings Ltd, which has fallen 4.44 per cent, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd, which has lost 2.8 per cent, and Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd, down by 2.6 per cent.In Hong Konggainer on the Hang Seng was Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd, up 5.27 per cent, while the biggest loser was Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd, which was down 2.65 per cent.

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‘Social media is changing Nigeria’s real estate sector’

Unlike before, whereby the print and electronic media were the only channels toward reaching buyers in the real estate industry, the social media is Asides the fact that major firms now have presence on websites, the sites are further linked to various social media platforms which have transformed to aggregator for large market audience, especially the youth and the tech-savvy individuals.

Statistics show that over 60 per cent of those looking for homes now use the internet to search for properties against the age-long culture of first looking for an estate agent to perform that role.Experts say, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world used to explore houses and communities when considering property destinations.In fact, many estate agents have remained active on social media to monitor clients’ interest in newly listed properties following clusters on channels across the web.Furthermore, real estate firms now partner specialised videography companies in interior, exterior and drone footage of staged homes, helping sellers engage potential buyers via video uploaded before they commit to a walk-through.Marketing professionals claim that video content has the best return on investment since 2015 even as 93per cent of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication.The power of the tools also resonates in showing detailed property listing information to a large group of people and at the same time engaging them simultaneously whereas, this could be impossible to execute in person.

For Instagram, its ability to receive instant feedback on property listing makes it a phenomenal tool and it’s considered as the fastest-growing social media platform, with over 500 million monthly users, according to experts.But how has Nigeria’s realtors been adapting the platform for the profession, an estate surveyor and Valuer, Mr.Rawlings Ehumadu explained the effect of social media has really taken root in the real estate industry. He said through the platforms, clients and prospect are reached very easily without spending so much like before, on advertising on major traditional media.According to him, social network comes very easily and has thus, become very easier to reach out to clients.He said the big social media platforms like, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn WhatsApp and others have commercial packages through which we promote real estate products for as little as between $2, $5 and $10 that you can afford to push your product for you as far as you want.
“It will pull your products to America and wherever you want it to get to while you are sitting within the comfort of your office. I have used it a number of times and it actually paid up and so it’s quite exciting”.In my practice, I noticed that I don’t move around as much as I used to. Anytime am on the road, it’s for something very serious.Time wasting on travelling has become much reduced and so it helps us a lot generally”, he noted.On the trust people have on transactions via the social media, he observed that it depends on the background of the practitioners.It is left for the people to do their individual search on the personality advertising the product.He said, “I have sold property for people that I have not met before and I transferred money to them.For client to give you some level of trust, they must have done their due diligence on you and perhaps realise that even though they meet you on social media, you are still a professional practitioner”.If a client could further do a search on the person advertising, trust can’t be a problem especially if you have a website and belong to a credible professional organisation.

For business to thrive, he noted there must be trust because service is about trust”.Mr.Rawlings, who is also the principal partner of Rawlings Ehummandu and Company observed that the convenience of social media is remarkable having become a worldwide thing. Even though there are lots of junks on social media, he maintained that credible people still come on board.On his part, Richard Olodu, the principal partner, Richard Olodu and Company, said the platforms has been adapted by professional real estate practitioners to specifically showcase properties for people within the profession as well as contacts on the platforms who are friends and families who might have a client for advertised property.“Though the platform is close ended, the traditional media still remain open ended.People have trust in their friends and families. Any advert through such platform everybody knows where each person lives and much about themselves.

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The United Houma Nation: The Culture of Louisiana

He explained to me that pow wows happen throughout the United States year-round. They are an ornate, intimate declaration of America’s first culture.They are an ornate, intimate declaration of America’s first culture. Today was a celebration of both a family reunion and a festival of culture.”We are the largest tribe in Louisiana of over 17 thousand plus, that is spread out between six different parishes and we have 11 districts that we represent,”  says Chief Creppel.The position of Chief requires campaigning and is an elected position with a four-year-term.  Above all of that it holds a lot of responsibility.”I’ve been Chief for eight months now and it’s like a rollercoaster ride. It’s my responsibility as a United Houma citizen to make sure our children learn.That way they can teach the other kids and keep our culture going.” says Chief Creppel.Each tribe of indigenous people are unique, but the native Americans of Louisiana are especially unique in the ways they have historically provided the foundation of Louisiana’s culture.The crawfish is the war symbol of the Houma tribe and it is thanks to them, that the overall cajun/creole population knows about the taste of crawfish.
It is also thanks to them, that we have the file’ for our gumbo.  It is a common misconception that all native people’s lived in teepees, like the indigenous people of the plains. The Houma’s ancestors lived in the swamps and bayous in palmetto hut villages.Chief Creppel remembers the stories growing up of the old ways, sayin “my grandmother and grandfather raised me in the bayous in lower Lafitte.Our people use to dig out canoes.  Last year at jazz fest I did an demonstration of a dug out canoe.I learned that from my grandfather passed on down to me.  We can’t be anybody else, other than who we are.It’s our job to go out and educate people to let them know that we were the first people here. We are still here and we are not going anywhere and we’ll be here until the end of time.”If you want to be like me and experience a belly full of Native American tacos, and in doing so, experience some Houma Nation culture for yourself, there will be a booth at this year’s jazz fest.Related storiesNew Orleans Artist Sheleen Jones Immortalizes HeroesUptown Super Sunday was indeed super!

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‘Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern’ highlights a man who shaped New York’s arts scene

The artists are, sadly, mostly men, yet an overarching inclusivity nevertheless exists with respect to nationality, ethnicity, politics and sexual orientation.Created in 1937, this set design for the ballet Filling Station, by Paul Cadmus, is among works on show in Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern.

Printfb If Lincoln Kirstein is known to New Yorkers at all, it is likely for co-founding the New York City Ballet. It’s true that the 20-something Kirstein went to London in 1933 and boldly asked George Balanchine to come choreograph in America, but a new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art shows that Kirstein‘s artistic vision reached far beyond the footlights.“Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern” gathers together photos, paintings, sketches and sculptures championed or collected by Kirstein for the museum in the 1930s and 1940s. Curator Samantha Friedman, who helped mount the exhibit, says Kirstein’s wide-ranging interests helped shape the museum’s direction in its early years.
“Kirstein was prescient in so many ways, in his belief in boundary-crossing between the arts, in his championing of alternative narratives of all kinds,” she tells amNewYork. Among the exhibit’s most arresting works is surrealist Pavel Tchelitchew’s “Hide and Seek,” which may have induced nightmares even for the Brothers Grimm.In the oversized oil, we see a girl climbing a tree, but concealed in the simple scene are children’s heads and body parts, many pared back like drawings in an anatomy text, to reveal circulatory systems or bones. Bernard Perlin’s “The Lovers” likely evokes the opposite emotions, showing a delicate couple, yellowed and foxed like old parchment, embracing in a verdant field beneath a lush blue-black sky.
During World War II, Kirstein traveled through South America acquiring works for the museum’s collection, more than 30 of which are on view here, including “Desolation,” by Argentine artist Raquel Forner, with its echoes of Golgotha on a battlefield, and “Burial of an Illustrious Man,” by Peruvian Mario Urteaga, which captures the frozen musicality of a funeral procession. Kirstein backed numerous photographers, and among the many highlights are Walker Evans shots of 19th-century American houses and Frances Benjamin Johnston’s almost surreal photos documenting the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in Virginia.No consideration of Kirstein would be complete without including his ties to dance, and here are sketches for costumes and set designs for various precursors to NYCB, photos of male dancers by George Platt Lynes, and a “Ballet Alphabet” primer authored by Kirstein with drawings by his brother-in-law Paul Cadmus. It is a rich exhibit yet devoid of the flashy centerpiece that might normally anchor such an esoteric collection, and in that sense the show — and Kirstein himself — provides an ideal starting point as MoMA prepares to close for four months starting in mid-June to rethink its approach and add new voices and perspectives.“This embrace of multiplicity remains as crucial now as it was then,” Friedman says, “ensuring that art reflects various viewpoints, and speaks to all audiences.“’Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern’ is on view through June 15 at the Museum of Modern Art, 11 W.53rd St.

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