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Mahira Khan is all praises for Meera’s song in Paray Hut Love

It’s always good to see women lifting each other up, especially when they’re in the same field. Pakistani actor Mahira Khan recently praised Meera for her performance in a song that will be featured in an upcoming Pakistani film Paray Hut Love.
Pakistani actor Mahira Khan recently praised Meera for her performance in a song that will be featured in an upcoming Pakistani film Paray Hut Love.I just saw a little preview of one of the songs of #pareyhutlove and the song and everyone in it is fantasticbut man you can’t look away from Meera Jee!! Owns every frame! 💃🏽💯❤️February 21, 2019Meera was quick to reciprocate the affection.Thankyou for such a loving tweet.I will always cherish the love and respect you have given me. Also, thankyou for being who you are and making all of us proud in so many ways.
May God bless you forever.February 21, 2019In the past, Meera had called Mahira an overrated actress for choosing to act in Raees alongside Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.She once also accused Mahira of running a smear campaign against her.Related: Pakistani model and actor Iman Ali ties the knot in LahoreDirected by Asim Raza, Parey Hut Love stars Mahira, Maya Ali and Shaheryar Munawar Siddiqui.Meera will be making a cameo in the movie.Meera will also be seen in another Pakistani movie this year called Baaji along with Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ali Kazmi, Nayyar Ejaz and Amna Ilyas.

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Ali Azmat Had A Wardrobe Malfunction During PSL Opening Ceremony And People Can’t Stop Talking About It

Ali Azmat performed for the PSL opening ceremony last night. He had reunited with his Junoon bandmates for the event and his performance is being talked about A LOT.
The PSL opening ceremony in Dubai, that happened last night, was rather underwhelmingWhat with Pitbull canceling at the last minute, the rushed performance and the very, very bad visual effects, it was mostly a lackluster affair in comparisons to years past.As part of the performances for the ceremony, Junoon, the iconic sufi rock band had reunitedAli Azmat, Salman Ahmed and Brian OConnell were huge back in the 80s and 90s. Theyve recently reunited and have been performing at some high profile events.The PSL opening ceremony happened to be one of those.Source: dawn.comWhile the crowd should have been excited for Junoon, most of the audience are much younger than Junoons original fan base and the kids werent exactly impressedColonel Gaddafi just ran 100 yards in 4.3 seconds while playing a guitar solo without having his hands on the 14, 2019*After watching Ali Azmats performance* 14, 2019I never thought Junoon could give me a headache but thanks Why would you remix such beautiful songs. Not even lip syncing 😒#PSLOpeningCeremonyFebruary 14, 2019PSL management on Ali Azmat Performance:#PSL4pic. 14, 2019And then Ali Azmat had an awkward accident on stageWhile running around, one of his shirt buttons flew open giving a peep at his stomach during the live ceremony.Am i the only one who saw Ali_azmat’s fat belly???#PSLOpeningCeremonyFebruary 14, 2019Wardrobe malfunction Pakistani style 🤣🤣🤣 . hey #Junoon your dignity was showing lol 14, 2019Naturally, the awaam couldnt control themselves from commenting about it Why am i catching glimpses of ali azmats tunni 14, 2019It became quite the highlight for some people who found the ceremony otherwise pretty boringSpecial shout out to that last button on ali azmats shirt that tried to keep all its burdens inside but had to accept defeat in the face of his powerful tunni. The fallen warrior shall be remembered 😔✊February 14, 201930 Mins ki Opening Ceremony mai Ali Azmat ka nanga pait hi nazar aya ubhi tak.
😭😂#HBLPSL2019February 14, 2019Its Haya Day, Ali Azmat, please cover yourself! #PSLOpeningCeremonyFebruary 14, 2019Sab kuch sahi tha then Ali Azmat decided to run 😂😅😜#PSL2019#PSL4#HBLPSL2019#HBLPSL#PSLOpeningCeremonyFebruary 14, 2019But then as it happens, people crossed the line and started becoming mean by fat shaming AliAli azmat performing while being pregnant 👌🏾February 14, 2019chota bhai to Ali Azmat.oa moty thorha bhag thak jaya ga🤣🤣#PSLOpeningCeremonyFebruary 14, 2019Im so proud of ali azmat.Mans came to perform on psl opening while he was pregnant 😔✊✊✊ more power to my brave kingFebruary 14, 2019Baqi sab aik taraf but.Ali Azmat k drum jesy pait ka behuda raqs aik taraf.Come on man!!#Overacting#Junon#HBLPSL2019February 14, 2019Ali azmat se na gaana gaya gya ha aur na he apna pait sanmbhala gya ha :)#PSLOpeningCeremonyFebruary 14, 2019Hes a man whos almost 50. Its only natural that hes not the definition of media-friendly physique that one may have become accustomed to seeing.Source: if he wasnt the age, his wardrobe malfunction may be funny but nothing to fat shame him about. Your body and your relationship to it is a personal experience.Media and societal standards trying to dictate how people should look like is not only severely stifling, it amounts to full on bullying when it descends to the level of jokes and taunts that were being directed Alis way.Sensitivity and empathy is rare but theres a popular saying that my grandmother used to say, agar kuch acha nahi bol saktay toh behtar hai apni zabaan band rakhein.Maybe thats the mantra that everyone who feels the need to make a joke about someones body or face to make themselves feel better should start exercising

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