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Adnan Sami faces major backlash for saying Pakistanis have ‘ostrich mentality’

DELHI -Adnan Sami has become a name being hated by Pakistani for many reasons. One major reason for the hatred for the singer is because of his anti-Pakistan comments.
Recently, after the Pulwama attack and failed Indian air strike in Pakistan, Adnan Sami, tweeted in support of Indians.
He praised Modi and the intrusion of Air Force in Pakistan.Here is the tweet:“The Force Is With You” ji.
🙌Respect to ✊.#HowsTheJosh 👊#StopTerrorism 🖐#JaiHind 🇮🇳✌️ pic. 26, 2019However, as soon as his tweet went online on social media, People started reacting to the pro-Modi tweet by Adnan Sami.
The singer was trolled very badly by Pakistanis. The troll ignited Sami so much so that he was fueled to retort to them as well.Also, In another , he said that Pakistani had an Ostrich mentality.Adnan Sami’s passion for acquiring Indian citizenship,He said, “Dear Pak trolls, Its not about our egos being given a reality check today; its about eliminating terrorists who u claim r also ur extremies!” “Ur Ostrish mentality is laughing.
Btw, ur abuse exposes ur reality therefore d only difference between u a busket of shit is the bucket!”Dear Pak trolls,Its not about ur egos being given a reality check today; its about eliminating terrorists who u ‘claim’ r also ur enemies! Ur Ostrich mentality is laughable.Btw, ur abuses expose ur reality therefore d only difference between u a bucket of shit is the bucket!February 26, 2019Lets have a look at some of the reactions to Adnan Samis anti-Pakistan

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Tough Calls Have to be Taken at Some Point: Vidya Balan on Banning Pakistani Artistes

“Though I have always believed that art should be kept away from all boundaries and politics, I think we have to take a stand now.Enough is enough,” Vidya told the media at the launch of her debut radio show.
In the worst-ever terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir since militancy erupted in 1989, a suicide bomber on February 14 rammed his SUV packed with explosives into a CRPF bus in Pulwama district, killing at least 40 troopers.
Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed later claimed responsibility for the attack.
When asked if art should be kept away from politics, the Tumhari Sulu actress said, “As an individual I believe that there is no better way to bring people together than arts, be it music, poetry, dance, theatre, cinema or any other art form.
But this time I think we should just take a break from this practice and see what can be done for the future. As I said, some tough calls have to be taken at some point.”
A host of Bollywood actors, including Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, Ajay Devgan and Vicky Kaushal, among others, have condemned the Pulwama attack.

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