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Valentine’s Day: India college row over ‘virginity tree’ ritual

Female students at a college in the Indian capital, Delhi, are demanding an end to a ritual that sees male students hang condoms filled with water from a tree and pray to “curvaceous goddesses” in the hope that it will help them lose their virginity.
” Prof Vijayan agrees that women’s participation in the festival is very low and says he’s heard some women say that they are uncomfortable with the way it is conducted.
But he says he’s not comfortable with “any type of puritanical ideas” and suggests that they continue with the puja but modify it.”I think the female students should be more flexible and instead of demanding a ban, they should take it over and redesign it the way they want to.
“Unfortunately, at the moment it is done as a celebration of machismo. It should be made more inclusive so that women could participate as those who also desire, and not just as the desired.
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