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Duck Tap hacks-Duck Tap can be our friend

Duck tap is a tap, which used in daily life routine but in desperate situations, duct tape is our friend and help us like;
• If you do not grip up on your shoes. Stick a duct tape strip on your shoe’s sole and score with scissors.
• In desperate situations, make a cup by using duck tap and don’t die of thirst ever again.
• When your zipper is playing up. Stick it down.
• Cure warts by just putting a square strip over the nasty thing. Replace every day until it has gone.
• In an awful situation, duct tape could save a life. Make a stretcher.
• Open a stubborn jar with duct tape. No need for men or hernias.
• Blisters are gone! And if you’ve got hairy feet.
• Fix those annoying ends to your shoelaces. Time saved.
• Patch a tent and don’t despair! Vacation resuscitated.
• Get that pesky pet hair off yourself, your friends and your furniture. Duct tape will make you love your pet again.
• When there’s no alternative, you can construct a cast and sling while you wait for a ride to the hospital or doctor’s rooms.
• Waterproof your shoes beat the creeping moisture that will ruin your trip and leave you blistered and broken.
• Use this as a makeshift option for when your car tires are punctured and you have to limp to the next service station.

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