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Swimmers take part in opening day coaching of camp

LAHORE – Dozens of boys and girls of 5 to 16 years age participated on the opening day drills of the Punjab Summer Swimming Camp at state-of-the-art Punjab International Swimming Complex here on Thursday. A team of competent coaches has been …Read more

Families make a splash at Kulaqua Community Day

in High Springs for Community Day provide swimming lessons She said although Camp Kulaqua is only five minutes from her house driving all the way to Gainesville for her 2-year-old daughter Tilynn and 13-year-old son Tristen to take lessons is
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2020 Olympics are in sight for Palm Coast synchronized swimmer

Selected as one of USA Synchros nine athletes for the 2019-20 season Areizaga is scheduled to take part in both South Florida club coach Ashley Johnson at a national team development camp Johnson said she noticed the young swimmers drive and
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A great opening day of camp for Broncos rookie QB Drew Lock

Working in a perfect environment indoors and against the perfect defense none Broncos quarterback Drew Lock was set up to look the part for coaches and players Lock was one of 47 players who participated Following the three-day camp the rookies
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My Family Vacation Swimming in the Open Sea

These days my idea of a good trip is one where I collapse on the floor of a hot shower in my sweat-stained cycling jersey beer in hand after a punishing day on the bike as immersive as ocean swimming You are in nature part and parcel of it
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7 observations from day 1 of Devils Development Camp Why Brandon Gignac Mackenzie Blackwood are limited

Day one of Devils Development Camp is in the books Hynes likely wont do any on-ice coaching this week but hes already preached the same message that has stood for previous seasons The Devils will take the top 23 players for their NHL roster
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Encore Boston Harbor opening A New Hampshire newbie hits the casino

Just like everyone else well over 10000 on opening day I am mesmerized Id bet part of my winnings each time and continue until I finished or went broke relatively speaking Wait did the machines even take quarters Coins were coming
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