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Swedish fast-fashion brand promises to go sustainable

There's an argument that sustainable production is significantly easier for small, emerging fashion brands or for those who launched with an …Read more

Ready-to-Wear and Re-Wear Meet Sustainable Fashion

Some brands are United Nations Sustainable Development Goals And fast fashion shows little signs of slowing down In India Tata Group Inditex SAs partner running Zara stores is building its own apparel empire that promises to deliver
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Fashion brands must go beyond just the looks

Globally fast fashion major HMs sales have hit a wall The Swedish retailer has reduced denim maker Patagonia known for its use of sustainable materials there is streetwear-inspired fashion brand Vetements which earlier this year created
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Meet The Entrepreneur Making Swimsuits Out Of Plants

But studies took her to London after getting a Masters in marketing she worked her way up at Aiyma a digital marketing agency helping the company expand acquire another agency and float on the Swedish many fast fashion brands that use
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The Promise of Sustainability Will the Fashion Industry Ever Close the Loop

Everlane along with other niche sustainable brands like Reformation or ADAY are taking on the millennial customer segment that has grown tired of unethical and poorly manufactured fast-fashion increased from 141B Swedish kroner in 2012 to 232B
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HM aiming to collect 1000 tons of old clothing during World Recycle Week

From April 18 to 24 the Swedish fast-fashion for those brands according to a Nielsen survey Two-thirds of customers worldwide and 73 percent of millennials say theyre willing to pay a premium to buy from brands they view as sustainable
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HM releases sustainable fashion line made from fruit and algae

HM is one of the largest fashion brands fast fashion and companies feeble attempts at sustainability however the size and scale of HM makes it an important ally and trendsetter in shifting the market toward sustainable fashion The Swedish
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