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Sustainable brand BLANCHE opens Copenhagen Fashion Week

With Copenhagen Fashion Week SS20 just days away, we are counting down to the official season kickoff by sustainable Danish womenswear brand …Read more

This New Denim Label Is Paving the Way for Sustainable Fashion in Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen is suddenly bursting with new organic restaurants skincare companies and now fashion labels One such brand leading feels refreshing about Blanche aside from the fact that there arent any other sustainable denim labels
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Charlotte Eskildsen On Her Celebrity Loved Sustainable Clothing Brand

They had the clever idea to turn dead stock from various Danish brands into redesigns and remixes 50 of our SS19 collection which was just shown during Copenhagen Fashion Week is made of sustainable fabrics We have been working with recycled
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Step aside London and Paris The alternative fashion weeks are giving cutting edge fashionistas what they really want

Theyre more accessible laid-back and undeniably cool which make them incredibly appealing to brands looking to tap into the millennial and Gen-Z spend Though still in its infancy Copenhagen Fashion Week August try and be as sustainable as
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Chinas Sustainable Fashion Paradox

Safety and health was the top reason for choosing sustainable Other major global brands told her they had tried to broach sustainability with the Chinese fashion media but had been rebuffed After speaking at this years Copenhagen Fashion Summit
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Anne Christine Persson Danish Fashions Secret Weapon

When you look at major brands like HM We want to be the most sustainable fashion week in the world she says Thats not all the ambitious Persson has plannedshes eager to make Copenhagen the fifth fashion city in the world
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Sustainable and ethical fashion

Vivienne Westwood beaded clutch 160 handmade by Maasai women The Copenhagen the-art sustainable Montebello atelier Orsola de Castro who co-founded the Estethica sustainable area at London Fashion Week and has her own upcycling brand From
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