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Survey Says: Corporate Culture Is Worth More Than a Big Salary

In the U.S., the survey showed that this emphasis on company culture and purpose is especially important to millennials, which the survey defined as …Read more

Survey Says Corporate Culture Is Worth More Than a Big Salary

It seems that more job seekers are putting company values ahead of their paychecks Glassdoor conducted a global survey of more than 5000 adults from the United States United Kingdom France
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Why there is a gender pay gap in freelancing

Women settle for less Men are four times more likely than the survey concluded A major reason for this is that women underestimate themselves we dont actually know what we are worth Through a quirk of biology and culture we undervalue
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Women are increasingly getting the top museum jobs Will more of them finally get equal pay

Shining a light wont solve the issue completely officials say the median salary for male chief curators was 71050 compared to 55550 for women The survey found most male registrars and collections managers were paid more than women as
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Former employees take a swipe at the sleazy working environment at Bumbles parent company

Bumble is a dating app that claims to empower women and give them a safer environment by letting them make the first move but former staff at its parent company say the corporate culture with a net worth Forbes estimates at more than 300 million
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Salary Survey 2019 Big versus small which is better for career development

Marketing Weeks annual Career and Salary Survey can make a big impact or go for the security and structure of a multinational business What about feeling valued and seeing the potential for advancement Is that more important than working for
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Economics needs to do more than attract women to solve its gender problem

Despite the challenges of being young female or of color in the field they say its worth trying It will take more than a stricter harassment policy to change the culture in economics
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