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Supernatural: Every Pop Culture Reference in Sam and Dean's Aliases

Here is every pop culture reference Supernatural makes through Sam and Dean Winchester's various aliases. Following the life of two sibling …Read more

Supernatural season 9 episode 2 recap Raising some Hell

Supernatural season Because shes awesome like that Sam and Dean arrive at the bus where the dead meat suits were found using the aliases Stark and Banner As if we couldnt love the pop culture references any more After a hilarious scene
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Supernatural Stairway to Heaven review

It seems every time weve seen this character Cas makes a Lord of the Rings reference then remarks to a surprised Sam how hes pop culture savvy now I wonder if this knowledge will ever prove more than to make Cas witty The angel was always
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14 Best Bromances On TV That Every Man With A Best Friend Can Relate To

7 Budget-Friendly Gifts For Your Brother This Rakhi 10 Kurtas That Are Perfect For Your Brother This Rakhi 16K 10 Fashionable Things To Gift Your Brother This Rakhi 11K Supernatural a pair which can belt out pop culture references better than this
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Against All Odds

Despite their flaws Im pretty sure Chuck and Sam will be able to save the world nattily-attired playboy With its blend of pop-culture references and the supernatural the action comedy is very nearly Buffy-esque What its about Alex
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Supernatural 902 Devil May Care REVIEW

Abaddon is back with a plan to be crowned the Queen of HellCrowley meanwhile is locked in the Batcaves basement settling into his new role as Supernatural s Hannibal Lector taunting Kevin at every turn which backs Sam and Dean into a
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The Lost Forgotten Unmade Projects Of JJ Abrams

And yet even when he made that first film he was already a brand name the man behind two bona-fide TV pop culture phenomena in Alias and Lost and thats only become more true since his films have all taken at least 200 million
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