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Superinteressante: a verdade sobre o nióbio brasileiro

O nióbio foi descoberto em 1801 pelo cientista britânico Charles Hatchett, que o batizou de columbium, em referência ao local de onde a amostra tinha vindo – Connecticut, nos Estados Unidos, numa época em que os poetas ingleses se referiam ao país …Read more

Raining in Rio No sweat

Although the carioca would rather not admit it the sun doesnt always shine in the Cidade Maravilhosa To the locals this climatic phenomenon is referred to as a cold front no matter if the street thermometers are registering a steamy 35 degrees
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Ingls Interpretao Global protest

The demonstrations in Brazil began after a small rise in bus fares that triggered mass protests Within days this had become a nationwide movement whose concerns had spread far beyond fares more than a million people were on the streets shouting about
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The national anthem the boos and Neymar

even if the sample had been representative of the people as a whole the likeliest outcome would probably have been the same and she would have still have been booed Former president Lula was jeered at the Engenho stadium during the Pan-American
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