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Sudanese culture to take over Maude St Mall

The Sudanese community is taking over Maude St Mall on Saturday to celebrate its culture and tradition. Showcasing traditional clothing, music, …Read more


Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Timeline of Christian missions | Wikipedia audio article

Culture Corner To Return To Maude Street Mall This Saturday

The Greater Shepparton City Councils latest multicultural event Culture Corner is being held again this Saturday Greater Sheppartons Iraqi community will take over the Maude Street Mall between 10am-2pm Experience traditional Iraqi clothing
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Law and order auction how crime came to dominate Victorias election

People of Sudanese background are over-represented in crime statistics in Victoria a bail justice days before he allegedly mowed down pedestrians in the Bourke Street mall in January last year killing six people In response Andrews announced a
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An Innovators City Guide to Cairo Egypt

Both take cash Downtown Mall as well as a delivery option to any location in Cairo Must-have dishes include foul taameya and koshary 9 Citys best-kept secret Aquarium Grotto Garden Over 150 years ago the viceroy of Egypt and Sudan Khedive
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For Folk Fest Red-Hot Chilies Hold the Yak

Ah steaming plates of chilies swimming in yak cheese Tea churned with butter beginning Wednesday on the Mall Dorjee Tshering director of Bhutans department of culture can hardly wait for you to have the experience Forget how do you
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Inside the Money Laundering Scheme That Citi Overlooked for Years

Seven years after the financial crisis laid bare Wall Streets inability to contain and funneled money to countries such as Sudan and Iran Big banks including Citigroup have continued to stumble over compliance with US anti-money-laundering
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Shifting population changes face of South King County

protested any move that would take them too far from their bank and their doctors from their friends familiar bus routes and favorite haunts in the Chinatown International District In 2004 they bought a home on a quiet dead-end street in Tukwila
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