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Students put fashion, language, talent on display with annual show

ESCANABA — Escanaba High School presented the 7th Annual World Language Fashion and Talent Show at the school auditorium. It showcased …Read more

SH College rings in Platinum Jubilee with Heartifest

The highlight of the main festival was that each department played to its strengths and put up nearly 15 programmes So the English department hosted Meraki with games and competitions focused on language and a fashion show Nandini S a student
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Derek Lam Believes Sustainability Is the Future of Fashion

Derek Lam isnt afraid to admit that its a tough time for the American fashion industry the pool of talent on display at the graduate show perhaps Phelps and the Vogue team should direct those inquiries to SCAD Students first presented their
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Central Florida 100 Boeing Trumps visit and the State of the City

Those games put Orlando on the region attracts and retains new talent and skilled labor The new downtown UCF campus our Lynx and SunRail systems the nonprofits and business sectors all play a pivotal role This annual update is scheduled for 90
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University of Boltons stages its Creative Show

STUDENT with designs on success showcased the future today University of Bolton held its annual Creative Show Awards recognising outstanding talent across a range of arts disciplines including animation and illustration art and design fashion and
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Fashion Week FAQ

This year as New Yorks annual fashion show feeling exhilarated it only serves the designer well Major stories might be written and photo shoots planned Orders might be increased and the clothes featured in a stores advertising or window display
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A beloved Miami college student vanished 25 years ago There was a murder but no closure

The disappearance of the 19-year-old college student set off a search Yet he still managed to put out The Florida Photographer a glossy full-color quarterly and run the annual Florida Photographers trade show which has sold out every year
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